Ashes To Ashes: Should Gene and Alex get together?

There was always plenty of tension between Gene Hunt and Sam Tyler in Life On Mars. None of it was sexual though.

So, when Ashes To Ashes started, it put the misogynistic Gene Hunt up against the very modern-thinking Alex Drake. Drake’s a police psychologist who ends up in 1983 after she gets shot by a criminal she’s been chasing down.

Hunt, of course, relates to Drake in his usual way – major sexist outbursts like “Get your knickers on Bolls, we’re leaving” and last night’s classic “Does your bra open in the front or in the back?”

There are a handful of complicating factors though. For a start, Alex isn’t completely convinced that Hunt really exists – when she met him, she was convinced she was somehow carrying on Sam Tyler’s fantasy. And of course, she was trying desperately to return to her own world and her daughter.

Then, of course, the end of the first series of Ashes To Ashes suggested that it was a real-life Gene Hunt who saved her from the car bomb that killed her parents. Did she really meet Hunt as a child? Had he touched her life before any of this happened? To add to the confusion, Hunt shoots Alex in the stomach at the end of series 2, but the pair seem to have put that incident behind them.

Last night’s episode saw Gene and Alex come very close to a kiss in her flat, only to be interrupted by Jim Keats (the bugger). But at the end of the day, I actually think Gene and Alex’s relationship is far to complex to muddy up with a crude romance. Thankfully, Keats gave Alex some incriminating pictures to go off and investigate, so nothing actually happened.

So, the question to you lot: would a romance between Gene Hunt and Alex Drake work? And would it lead to her final abandonment of her daughter in the present?

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  1. Rosie-Lee

    I would really like to see them end up together, in the future, somehow.

    Why would the writers make it look as if they were falling love with each other if it wasn’t going to come to anything?

    I have mentioned before that I would love to see Alex get back to the future and her daughter, and to be introduced to a new colleague – Gene Hunt – who is following in his dad’s footsteps as a copper, or something along those lines.  Alex may, or may not remember him, but it could be the start of something new.

    The only fly in the ointment would be if Gene was a soul passing over, or some kind of angel or sentinel.  Then I guess it would be “adios amigo”.


    1. Gerard McGarry

      I’ve been giving a little bit of thought to the “Gene luvs Alex” issue this afternoon. I think it’s too late to write a romantic element into their relationship with only one episode left to run.

      I don’t necessarily agree that the writer’s have written the two characters as romantically involved, Rosie. There’s been too much distrust – certainly in this third series – between Alex and Gene. Can she really be romantic with him when she suspects him of bumping off Sam Tyler?

      Your idea of a new beginning with a reincarnated/refactored Gene Hunt might have legs.

      1. Rosie-Lee

        I seem to remember Gene and Alex coming close to romance before, but it sort of fizzled out.  Perhaps, at that point, it was too soon for anything like that to happen, but now, towards the end, it has been resurrected.

  2. nikkig1989

    yes thay should get together with Alex’s daughter Molly

    I think Gene would make a good dad

    Alex might not feel nomal in the future  because shes not with Gene

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