Ashley Rodriguez and Janell Wheeler first females eliminated from American Idol

The first two ladies to get the boot from this year’s [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol]] are singers Ashley Rodriguez and Janell Wheeler. I’m a little bit disappointed by this, because I thought both had potential, despite clear first-night nerves. Damn.

Rodriguez, 22, sang Happy by Leona Lewis but met with disappointing comments from the judges. [[Simon Cowell]] described the performance as clumsy, and suggested that she was even going backwards. Still, she had a great look and great vocals in the run-up to this – I’d hoped Ashley would get a second chance.

Janell Wheeler – what a cutie – got dumped after her rendition of What About Love? by Heart. The judges weren’t too critical of her – some comments were that she had chosen a difficult song, with Simon saying that she went sharp when she got too excited.

I don’t think either singer was the worst in the competition – Siobhan Magnus stood out for me as a slightly boring performer and a tiny bit creepy in her VT. Katie Stevens is another contestant who didn’t match up to the other finalists.

Over to you lot now – tell us who you thought would get eliminated from American Idol this week. Or did you predict it right and suggest Ashley and Janell?

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