I am now giving up the will to live (lol) since the 13th April after getting through to the 3rd round in Manchester, like lots of other poor souls I have been hoping for a phone call/email/txt to say I had got through to that holyiest of holyies?? the TV auditions, but it now looks like it’s not going to happen, I now think I must be too old, (quite possible), too ugly ( god I hope not), to fat (again a possibility), or I can’t sing, ( unlikely), anyway the first 3 are what usually makes the series watchable, as everyone like to laugh at the poor wannabees who couldn’t sing to save their lives, or they can hold a tune but don’t have the “complete package”, it’s all about the ££££ and what makes good tv. But, good luck to the ones who have had the call, sing your socks off.

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