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Artist Review: For Sure Notorious

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Turbulance Blends Hip Hop and R&B fused with Reggae to create the sound hes best known for. His vocals are Soulful and Raw and always delivered with Passion. Turbulance Real Name Sheldon Campbell is one of Jamaica’s leading Dance Hall Deejays. He Was Born in the Poverty Stricken area of St Andrews Jamaica in 1980…

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Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres gone from Idol

The reality has set in for “American Idol” supporters that Simon Cowell is not anymore a part of the show. The real fear now is that everybody is abandoning ship. First, Ellen DeGeneres came forward with news that she is leaving behind the show. Now the Los Angeles Times reports that Kara DioGuardi has been given the boot. That leaves Randy Jackson and empty seats that may very well be filled by Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.

The ‘American Idol’ experience derailed

Clearly Fox, also as Nigel Lythgoe and also the “American Idol” production group, think you will find still ratings to be squeezed from the aging yet still popular program. Jennifer Lopez will allegedly bring the show muchos magicos as Kara DioGuardi’s replacement, says Coincidentally, Lopez began her career as a dancer, much like Paula Abdul. A return to Fox would reunite Lopez with the network that launched her dancing career on the early-1990s Wayans brothers’ sketch comedy show “In Living Color”.

‘AI’ is losing ground, but nevertheless popular

Sure, “Idol” is nevertheless one of the nation’s more watched programs, but a decrease in viewership has not gone unnoticed by the show’s producers. The Times indicates that there had been grumblings behind the scenes that Ellen DeGeneres should leave.…

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