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Matt Cardle Cracks On With Porcelain Tour

Matt Cardle’s Porcelain tour is underway and is going very well with reports of one cracking performance after another across the UK, pausing only for him to celebrate his birthday. I went to see him in Birmingham, thinking I knew everything there was to know about his voice, but came away humbled. Before his historic…

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On the back of the release of his newest album Porcelain this week, Matt Cardle has announced a nineteen date tour in April 2014. Porcelain, which seems to have arrived to critical acclaim and an Album Chart entry position of #11, shows a new side of this talented singer songwriter. The confidence of his two…

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Single Review: Paul Liddell THE ENDS OF THE EARTH

Paul Liddell has become something of an international act. He is currently playing gigs in Germany and Belgium and recently crossed the pond to play in the USA.  By all accounts it’s going very well. Hardly surprising, given his reputation as a superb live musician and his absolute artistic integrity. I’ve seen him perform live…

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Album Review: Matt Cardle, THE FIRE

THE FIRE entered the album charts at a very creditable #8.  Matt Cardle’s new album THE FIRE is out and selling well. His debut album LETTERS peaked at #2 behind the juggernaut that is Noel Gallagher and went platinum later the same year. The singer songwriter co wrote all but one track on that one,…

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With his new album Matt Cardle has finally come out of his box and become his own man. He has a new recording contract with SoWhat? records that gives him the control he lacked with Columbia/Sony, a new album, “The Fire” and a sound that is totally, unmistakably Cardle. His three date album launch mini…

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Terror Scribes Gather in Bristol

BRISTOL TERROR SCRIBES 5/5/2012, a Remembrance By Sue Phillips The Terror Scribes have never invaded Bristol before and so the town did not really know what to expect. It decided that the safest option was to keep its head down and pretend that this was just another ordinary day. A casual observer might have been…

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