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Degrees: Four to Three

After spending five days in the studio recording new tracks, Degrees announced yesterday that lead guitarist Neillo had left the band.This brings their number down to three: Alex on Drums, Jon on Bass and Patrick on acoustic and vocals (though maybe he’ll swap to electric guitar). Will they stay as a trio or are they…

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Degrees are in the studio again

They’ve been going a good few months now and have produced a three track single and some superb live performances, including one at the Colchester Arts Centre in late 2011.  I was at Degrees’ first gig last Halloween when Alex drummed whilst covered in fake blood and Patrick had the real life horror situation of…

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Rhythmix Ragers’ novel fundraising Competition

The group that raised over £100,000 for Shelter in 2009  has come up with a novel way to help another charity through a guess the baby contest. Raging for Rhythmix was set up after the charity, which helps disadvantaged youngsters through music, discovered that its name had been taken by a girl group competing in…

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Matt Cardle LETTERS Album Review

I’ve been mooching through the reviews already online of this album and trying to square some of them with what’s actually coming through my earphones. It’s a futile exercise, we all have our own opinions and, if you know me, you’ll be aware I wouldn’t even be writing this if I didn’t have positive things…

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