Avatar sequel being considered by News Corp.

For a movie that’s earned over $2billion to date, James Cameron’s Avatar was always going to spawn a sequel. And judging from the words of News Corp CEO, Rupert Murdoch, the follow-up is in the early discussion stages. According to FirstShowing.net:

They are definitely “pushing for one” but cautioned analysts not to “hold your breath for an early one,” implying that it may take them a little more than two years to make another. For anyone that doubted that Fox would make a sequel, well, this is the final bit of proof that it is certainly happening, sooner than later.

Cameron, who masterminded The Terminator and Alien, both of which became hugely successful film franchises, says he has some ideas for a sequel. However, everybody who’s spoken on the prospect of a second Avatar movie is being guarded about timeframes, looking to about 2 years or more for the release of a second one.

And that’s if the film gets made within time and doesn’t blow its budget!

Still, why are we panicking about a sequel when the first movie is still filling seats at the box office? According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Management also said 60% or more of the profit from “Avatar” will come in over the next two quarters, adding the firm will continue its theater run as the boxoffice goes well, with a DVD release also planned soon after the theatrical run. A DVD release date hasn’t been announced so far.

You want to know what’s the worst thing about this? I still haven’t been to see it in the cinema yet! Looks like I’d better get down there soon – it sounds like the type of movie you need to see in the cinema for full effect!

If you’ve seen Avatar, share your verdicts on the film here!

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