Avril Lavigne wants to release fun new pop album “really quick”

Fans of Canadian pop rocker, Avril Lavigne, may get a new album sooner than expected with the 26-year-old revealing that she wants to release her fifth album “really quick” in a Skype chat with moderators of fansite, Avrilbandaids.com. Lavigne says that she has already recorded a total of eight songs for the upcoming project and the new album will be more “pop” and “fun” again.

This news is hardly surprising seeing as Avril’s current album, Goodbye Lullaby is hardly setting the charts alight, no doubt due to it’s more mellow, rocky sound. Even though I’ve always considered Lavigne a huge guilty pleasure of mine, I haven’t listened to Goodbye Lullaby. I hear by all accounts that it’s really good though.

Now that her pet project is done and released, it looks like Avril is going for a more contrived, manufactured sound for Album Number Five. You could consider it a good business strategy but it doesn’t work fully for me. For all the “serious artyness” of Goodbye Lullaby, first single What The Hell was pretty much all out pop and a moderate hit. Current single Smile is pretty catchy too. Honestly, making a serious album for the fans and following it up with something to impress the masses ruins Lavigne’s credibility as an artist a bit. Perhaps, it’s not her fault though. Completely shallow pop music is all that seems to sell these days and Avril has to keep her record company happy. Lavigne’s also lost some of her edge with her niche market of wild, bratty popstar taken over by Katy Perry and Ke$ha.

Are you excited for a new Avril Lavigne album? Or are you disheartened to hear that we’ll most likely get The Best Damn Thing: Part 2 over again.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Goodbye Lullaby. We reviewed it on Shout a while back. It’s not a bad album, but it suffers from some really clunky lyrics. For a supposedly soul-baring opus, Avril’s songwriting skills haven’t evolved beyond her teenage years. And the production is passable but slightly dated. Even the obvious singles like What The Hell and Smile just aren’t what you expect to see in the pop charts these days.

    That said, it’s a decent enough album. But she wants to go for a more commercial sound? Fire ahead. I just think she’s getting a little long in the tooth to keep pretending to be a bratty teenager. Especially since she’s in her mid-twenties now and has a divorce under her belt.

    The way I see it, she’s too pop to be a gritty Pink-style rocker and too rock-chick to be an acceptable pure-pop artist.

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