Banksy’s Simpsons title sequence reveals a grim sweatshop underneath

We have no idea how they contacted the anonymous street artist known as Banksy, but The Simpsons producers managed to draft him in to do a title sequence for the latest episode of the show.

And this being Banksy, after spraying his name all over Springfield, he took the viewer behind the scenes at an Asian sweatshop, dedicated to drawing the characters for the show and making numerous soft toys and t-shirts. The highlight of the whole sequence – for us – was the fact that they used the horn of a clapped-out unicorn to put holes in the DVDs for the box sets. The unicorn collapses halfway through, but the worker continues to punch holes with its horn.

What’s brilliant about this is that in true Simpsons fashion, the bright, vibrant colours of the actual cartoon are a complete contrast to the grimy grey-green underground sweatshop where the workers live. Bones are strewn around the floor and kittens are used for the stuffing of Bart dolls.

The Guardian claims that the sequence was inspired by the rumour that episodes of The Simpsons are animated in Seoul, South Korea. They go on to point out that this isn’t the first time that The Simpsons has taken a pop at Fox or its owner, Rupert Murdoch.

Not everyone’s a fan of the animation though, one top-rated commenter on YouTube left this remark:

Disappointing … “The best guarded secret in T.V. history”, famous artist Banksy working for the Simpsons team on a controversial intro. And this is what we get.

Its a little darker than most Simpsons material but I laught for the most part. No wonder FOX has no problem airing this, what should hold them back? Absolutely no one cares enough.

So what’s your take? Incisive comment on slave labour, or a political reference that falls flat on its face (considering it’s referencing the show itself)?

For a look at some of Banksy’s street art, visit his site.

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