Basshunter: ‘Walk On Water’ Single And Video Review

Song: Walk On Water

Artist: Basshunter

Album: Now You’re Gone-The Album

Release Date: 3 April 2009 (IRL), 6th April 2009 (UK)

Genre: Eurodance

Peak Position: 76 (UK), TBA (IRL)

Basshunter’s popularity baffles me! Eurodance artists come and go like that but something about Basshunter has grabbed the public’s interest and here he is with the FIFTH single from his multi selling debut album.

Once again Basshunter wins no prizes for originality here resorting to the chipmunk style ”Are you ready?!” hook played to death since Eurodance’s inception. His vocals are as deadpan as ever but something about the surging production and the big ”la-la-la-la-la” vocal building up to the chorus is just encouraging you clubbers out there to rave! Certainly better than the drivel that was Now You’re Gone.

As it’s time to start work on the next album, it is quite customary for artists to release the final single from their current album and squeeze the last drop of promo from it. Normally, to match this a rather lazy music video of a compilation of live performances and backstage footage is shown.

Basshunter being as predictable as always does just this!
Rather than following the repetitive yet story led videos of his previous singles (which say him or some other random guy get it on with hot Israeli model Aylar). This video sees Basshunter on stage surrounded by scantly clad dancers. Expect plenty of close ups although viewers must be warned that there is a rather unflattering close up of Basshunter’s face! Told ya didn’t I? 2/5


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