Bat For Lashes: ‘Daniel’ Single And Video Review

Song: Daniel

Artist: Bat For Lashes

Album: Two Suns

Release Date: 3 April 2009 (IRL), 6th April 2009 (UK)

Genre: Indie, alternative

Peak Position: 36 (UK), TBA (IRL)

Natasha Khan, i.e.: Bat For Lashes bears more than a passing resemblance to a Miss Lily Allen. In fact when I first caught the video for Daniel and saw Khan in her hoodie about to open her mouth for the first time, I was confident that a slightly girlish, Mockney accent would break out. I still get goosebumps when I hear that soft, mythical, other Worldy voice break out instead.

You could compare the girl to Enya but Bat For Lashes shows that her music has a bit more innovation in them than Enya with a fresh lashing of guitar and synths thrown in. With poetic lyrics such as “Marlboro ruby skies” and “the smell of ash and cinders”, this mythical yet ominous tune could make BFL one of this year’s most original breakthrough artists.

As I’ve stated already I get goosebumps when I see the opening of this video and see Ms. Lily lookalike Bat For Lashes, in her hoodie, suddenly open her mouth and start singing in her mythical voice. Then there’s a big hop in your seat moment (the first in a music video since Thriller, I would say) when a small dark creature pops behind BFL’s back!

The rest of the video is all a bit arty farty but you still have to admire what was done on a fairly small budget. Looking rather similar in tone to a Tim Burton movie, the remainder of the video sees BFL being seduced by the darkness-literally I mean as these little dark creatures are either trying to attack her or get it on!!! Poor BFL cries as blue mascara rolls down her face but after taking a drive where she’s attacked by them pesky black things she finds a dude on the road (I’m assuming it’s Daniel) and hugs him. Standout points are the background shots which look like gothic wilderness.

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