BBC announce new kids show: Balamordor


The BBC have exclusively announced through that they are resurrecting the hit children’s show, Balamory, introducing a new character, Sauron…the inventor.

Sauron will replace outgoing character, Archie The Inventor, and has rebuilt Archie’s castle into a replica of his former home at Barad-Dur. Producers say that Sauron will show children how to craft deadly weapons from toilet rolls and empty yogurt pots.

Some original cast members are reportedly not happy about the new addition to the team though. Suzie Sweet, co-owner of the local shop, was most concerned when a gang of marauding orcs trashed her store during a raid. It is believed that PC Plum is mildly annoyed at rumours of romantic storylines between Sauron and Miss Hoolie.

Renamed show

Perhaps one of the biggest changes to the show since its original run is a change of name – to Balamordor. As a matter of respect to the Dark Lord, the producers decided to rename the village to incorporate the name of his former home, Mordor.

Locals are pleased to have Archie’s pink eyesore of a castle torn down and replaced with Barad-Dur II. Its permanently scowling red eye conveniently doubles as a new lighthouse.

“It’s almost enough to compensate for the sulphurous smell and near-perpetual night,” says Balamordor resident Josie Jump.

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