BBC make vintage Doctor Who videos available on YouTube

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Yes, it’s true – the BBC have finally put complete episodes of vintage Doctor Who on YouTube for fans to watch. Now, be warned, these are not entire series, but selected multi-part stories. Via TV Squad:

In this case, it’s a selection of a single episode from four of the ten existing Doctors. There is The Edge of Destruction with William Hartnell, The Krotons with Patrick Troughton, Carnival of Monsters with Jon Pertwee and The Caves of Androzani and The Twin Dilemma with Peter Davison and Colin Baker, respectively.

I’ve come across sites where people have stitched together William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton episodes from DailyMotion in order to recreate the very first few series of [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]], but it’s refreshing that the BBC have released some old episodes – for free!

Although I was never a fan of the original series, like anybody who’s become enchanted with Doctor Who, I still lap up the old episodes for a chance to learn more about the enigmatic Doctor. And if nothing else, the hammy acting, rubbish special effects and pantomime villains are a reminder that present-day Doctor Who is far more vibrant and energetic than his initial incarnations.

Watch the Doctor Who YouTube channel here. And don’t forget to subscribe to get notified when they add new videos. And I really hope they do!

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