To be Frank…

Miss Fitz.. Well I was going to bet on them winning the show! I thought their version of a Britney Spears number was absolutely awesome! As a group they harmonised well, .. they’re different. I like that!.

 I was over the moon that they got through to boot camp, I had high visions for them


 🙁 alas not to see them on the show..


This evening I’ve been watching .. as you who love do! Anyway, I was gutted to say the least that miss fitzs were teamed up with the boys. (who, without meaning to sound harsh, were’nt up to scratch,, which would put any singers off! ) Shame that happened, but who knows what the future holds for the girls. .. all positive thoughts, the boys could’ve been a blessing in disguise even?)

.. I can see them releasing that song as a single and their dreams being realized! Shame they didn’t get through tho, I shall just have to catch the news of when their single is released ;~)




I adore the x factor, I don’t watch much tv but this is a fixation! Its lovely to see and be a part of making others dreams come true.I went to the x factor auditions once.. (getting past my forties, well you know what its like.. you want to do something different!ha ha.) I heard such amazing singers as I waited outside the black box, none of which got through, so pleased these girls did tho..

Grahciella Shar and Chenise..!! (not sure how yo spell their names) they should come back as a group for real next year..(that’s unless someone signs them first!)They were absolutely awesome together!!

.. And I’ve just now heard that proposal! Wow.. is someone reading my mind or am I reading theirs..hahahah.. They will win and my money is on them to win the x factor this year. I presume that’s F.R.A.N.K.


I do love Stacey, Lucy, Ollie and Danyl too oh and must’nt forget Jamie. Oh and the young lad who sounded like Michael Jackson.. gave me goose bumps too.





Its going to be a tough competition this year.. probably the toughest in a long while.



My Saturdays are fully booked until after chrimbo now! Too coolio!!


Oh and blogging.. I do go on a bit, but I don’t get to forums often, so if you do reply, please don’t take offence if I don’t answer.. I’m probably too engrossed in the box.But in coolio Armie’s words.. I’ll be back!

much love


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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Hi there – welcome to Unreality Shout, by the way!

    I was surprised – in the last half hour of the show tonight, we were showered with good singers. Those boot camp auditions were fantastic, though it would have been nice to have seen them spread out through the show.

    You could have seen that proposition about forming a girl group coming a mile off, although these girls could be really good. What did you think of those twins from Dublin – annoying or not?

    1. astarie

      To right!! Showered indeed!!

      To have them spread out would be a bit like.. saw that coming :^D

      keeps the viewer tuned I suppose, coz if you hear such good talent, you half expect there to be more to come :)..

      ….maybe next year, they’ll leave the best til last.

      X Factor always have twists in their shows.. its fun entertainment yeh?

      Twins from dublin.. Louise liked.. and I like his lymerics on the xtra factor.. tho my brother in law thinks it ruins the show 🙂

  2. Lisa McGarry

    Hiya 🙂 Loved the blog post.

    Loads of fans seem to be furious at the non inclusion of Miss Fitz, but I suppose they can’t have two girl bands starting with Miss on the show. That would be too confusing.

    Speaking of Miss F.R.A.N.K they were amazing tonight, I think they will go far.

    1. astarie

      iya Lisa, .. I was just talking out loud.. as I often do!! hahah.. a sign of madness me thinks! 🙂
      Thank you for taking time out to comment!!..It’s so nice that you took time out from life and into unreality to reply. Much appreciated!!

      Two bands starting with miss?.. confused already.. haaaa!! 😀

      Miss Fitz will go places I’m sure.. just like Diana V last year. I’m hoping to hear a single on the radio from her soon. I loved her style.. tho she didn’t win, doesn’t really make much of a difference.. she’s got fan’s and I’m one of them 🙂

  3. astarie

    Hi there!
    first off the twins from dublin.. hmmm… annoying? yeh they irritated just a tad! The thing I find it hard to get to grips with.. who told them they were good enough to get through in the 1st place (raise someone hopes and drop ’em!) a bit masakistic even?? I know Louise thinks they have potential, and, well he knows more than me, so they probably have something I can’t see!

    As for being showered.. we sure are this year. I wonder if the show will donate some of the money for the telephone voting to go to needy charities.. I know I’d be voting more if they did. The talent is awesome this year and there will be loads of people watching who have favourites, but won’t vote coz to line the producers pockets to some is annoying. which is a shame really coz its an artists dream to get that recording contract and the backing that goes with it costs money.

    as for seeing the proposition a mile off..

    F.R.A.N.K to win

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