Behind the music: Busted’s That’s What I Go To School For

Busted in their school uniforms

Busted’s That’s What I Go To School For came on the radio the other day. It all seemed so jolly at the time, a song about a lad who fancied his teacher. Miss McKenzie was her name. She was clearly kinky, because according to the lyrics, she’d bend down to show the guys more.

Then it all gets a little sinister. For a start, the impressionable youth starts stalking his teacher. Witness the binocular-toting teenager’s next words:

Her boyfriend’s working out of town
I find a reason to go round
I climb a tree outside her home
To make sure that she’s alone
I see her in her underwear
I can’t help but stop and stare

It’s the stuff salivating tabloid headlines are made of, isn’t it, dear reader? How many times have you read about school teachers seducing their pupils? I’m disgusted. Outraged. *ahem*

But of course, what if the whole sordid tale is the secret fantasy of a teenager, but with a pop-punk tune attached? That poor teacher. Her career would be ruined, especially with this sort of thing being said about her:

She’s packed her bag it’s in the trunk
Looks like she picked herself a hunk
We dropped by school to say goodbye
My friends they can’t believe their eyes

Good lord, that’s a strong allegation. Miss McKenzie would never get a job in teaching again. All that time spent in teacher academy, to throw it all away on a wild fling with bushy eyebrowed Charlie from Busted?

Oh yes, it all seemed very light-hearted at the time, but look at the aftermath. Distraught parents, a confused teenager, and a very unemployable but busty young teacher.

I wanted to share this with you folks, as the dark, seedy underbelly of pop lyrics is rarely explored. What I Go To School For is all great fun…until somebody gets hurt.

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