Being Erica – This Be The Verse (S01E08), episode review

Being Erica

Erica wades deeper into family trouble in the eighth episode of [[Being Erica (TV Series)|Being Erica]]. She’s already being cold-shouldered by sister Sam for warning her not to get married to Josh, but tonight she recalls the feud between her parents that led to their divorce.

It’s been fairly obvious from earlier episodes that Erica has a closer relationship with her father. Erica’s mother brings this to the fore when she visits Erica at her office, but old resentments come to the fore. When Erica, Sam and their mother attend a Yom Kippur service, the tensions bubble over and they end up in a very public argument.

But when Dr. Tom intervenes, he urges Erica to re-examine one of her worst regrets – the day she called her mother a Nazi. She did this during a row between her parents, but in taking her father’s side in the argument, she feels that their family divided down the middle from that point onward: Erica and her father on one side, and Sam and her mother on the other side. After dispensing some Yoda-style advice, Dr. Tom sends Erica back to that day to deal with her regrets.

As Erica does her best to remain neutral, she makes a discovery that changes her opinion of her parents: her father (who she’d sided with) was having an affair with a member of his church. She feels betrayed by her father’s deception, and suddenly realises that her mother knew about the affair and still allowed herself to be seen as the one deserting the marriage.

But of course it doesn’t end there. Dr. Tom suggests to Erica that perhaps she doesn’t know her parents quite as well as she thinks. To remedy this, he sends her back to 1974 to a hippy commune her parents are part of…before they were parents! She gets an entirely different view of her parents and the motivation behind their relationship, realising that her mother is extremely committed to her father while he is actually a bit of a flake and doesn’t realise the sacrifices she’s making for him.

Eventually the action returns to present day, and Erica rushes to apologise to her mother and confesses that she knows about the affair. Killing two birds with one stone, she manages to build bridges with Sam after discovering that she’s just suffered a miscarriage. And to complete the theme of forgiveness, Erica’s father visits hoping to make amends to her mother. In a very touching scene, he walks into the house and before he has a chance to really speak, he’s invited to the table to join in the meal. I found this a really touching moment, just watching the healing in Erica’s family and how it all came together in the end.

This series just continues to be a pefect mixture of morality play with life, love, relationships and a bit of time travel thrown in for good measure. Being Erica really is the antidote to the high-action drama or brain-dead entertainment that’s on at the moment. And honestly, each episode manages to subtly raise an issue to make me question my own approach to events in life. That’s a feat not many TV shows can achieve!

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