Being Erica – Gettin’ Wiggy Wit’ It – Episode Review

When Erica accompanies a fellow patient on a regret, a chance meeting reveals that her star author Seth has been lying to her. Despite claiming that he’d escaped a cult, Erica discovers that he was actually an Orthodox Jew and that The Purple Door is a complete fabrication.

Naturally, she freaks out – the revelation that Seth’s biography is a work of fiction could sink 50/50 Press before the business has even got underway. What’s disturbing is that Dr. Tom decides that he has to step in and rectify the problem. In one of the weirdest scenes ever on [[Being Erica (TV Series)|Being Erica]], Tom reverses time (ironically, after lecturing Erica about breaking the rules) and gently warns Seth about the damage he’d be doing to Erica and Julieanne.

This sets the alarm bells ringing with Dr. Naadiah, who calls Dr. Arthur and both therapists summon Dr. Tom for a showdown. Tom, bizarrely, isn’t fazed by his indiscretion and refuses to reverse his meddling. Naadiah – who I’m really on the fence about – decides to do some meddling of her own and visits Erica in the altered timeline to tell her the truth.

It was satisfying to watch Erica and Julieanne toy with Seth’s agent Liz. In the alternate timeline, Seth went to River Rock, the truth came out about his background and Brent Kennedy got fired! A fleetingly awesome moment!

Armed with Dr. Naadiah’s revelation, Erica confronts Tom about meddling in her life. He makes a Freudian slip and calls her Sarah, his daughter’s name. Fantastic! And all that stuff we said last week about Tom seeing Erica as a substitute for his daughter seems to be ringing true. And it feels like he’s breaking all the rules at this point. This subtly draws on all the themes from last week’s episode – Tom’s lack of balance, his unresolved issues with his daughter and Erica being muddled up in all of that.

Timeline restored, Erica and Julieanne are still faced with the dilemma of whether to publish the book or not. Eventually, they decide to shred it and keep their reputations. But this leaves their business in a precarious position.


Sam and Lenin have a sexy fumble in a private room at the hospital but are caught out when someone else wants to use the room. Lenin gets fired. I’m not sure where this storyline is going though.

Judith (Vinessa Antoine looking stunning in this episode, BTW) almost succumbs to an old flame’s advances, but pulls back in the end. The resolution to this little arc (if indeed it is resolved) drew on the same themes of integrity that Erica and Julieanne were facing too – she tells her potential lover “That’s me, that’s not right, I just can’t!” 

The whole ‘affair’ storyline has been handled so sensitively. As with a lot in Being Erica, there’s not much judgement. Both characters are at low ebbs in their respective marriages and they see a solace and comfort and perhaps a reminder of times when they were less harried by adult responsibilities. You can see why they’re attracted to each other – almost as a means of escape. But Judith’s decision is right in the end – it would only end up complicating their lives and make their situations worse.

Another cresting storyline was the “Boobgate” scandal – Ivan having a furtive feel of Julieanne’s boobs and keeping it secret from Dave. The pair row when Dave spends $1,600 on a comic and Ivan’s secret inadvertently spills out. However, there’s a happy ending (once Dave does a bit of comical groping of his own!) and the two decide to marry. I wonder if that male to male gay kiss was the first of its kind on Being Erica? But these two characters are wonderfully well written and despite (or perhaps because of) being comic relief, I’m incredibly fond of them.

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