Being Erica – Mi Casa, Su Casa Loma (S01E10), episode review

Being Erica

In Mi Casa, Su Casa Loma, Erica decides to investigate why her relationship with former best friend Katie has turned sour, and goes back to the moment when she believes that happened.

In the present, Erica and Ethan meet Judith and their friend Katie for a cinema date. However, things are tense between Ethan and Erica, so when Katie makes a few barbed jibes about their relationship being “friends…or friends with benefits”, Erica loses her temper.

After attempting to patch things up with Katie, Erica is dismayed when Katie pitches a book idea based on Erica’s life to Erica’s boss. Feeling betrayed, she turns to Dr. Tom to help her work out where the relationship went wrong.

He sends her back to her teenage years, where Katie, Judith and Erica worked together at a castle as tour guides. Katie has a bright idea to have a party in the castle after hours – which eventually gets her fired. Erica, with the benefit of her future knowledge, tries to avert the party by getting herself grounded. However, after a boring evening at the Strange’s house, Katie, Judith and Erica’s brother Leo pressure her into holding the party.

At the party, Erica is the center of attention, but doesn’t notice Katie’s growing jealousy until she discovers Katie and Leo in bed together. After arguing with Leo, he reveals to her that Katie is jealous of her. Erica cruedly blurts this out to Katie, making the situation even worse and reappears in the present day with absolutely nothing resolved.

Struggling to deal with the situation before Katie returns to her own city, Erica’s awful boss gives her an idea – obviously, Erica is still seeing how Katie’s behaviour was born out of her envy. However, it also propelled her to achieve a lot, becoming a columnist and happily married – things that Erica doesn’t have but wants. Seeing the role reversal, Erica decides to eat some humble pie and apologise for being jealous of Katie, quite a profound action that turns their relationship around.

Not quite my favourite episode of [[Being Erica (TV Series)|Being Erica]] though, it felt it was a bit lightweight and uninspired. As well as that, it felt like a bit of filler for the Erica/Ethan storyline, which is simmering at the moment and needs conclusion.

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