Being Erica – Moving On Up (S03E02) – Episode review

If we thought that Erica’s break from Ethan at the end of season 2 had been a clean one, this episode of [[Being Erica (TV Series)|Being Erica]] proves just the opposite.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen Erica (Erin Karpluk) so out of control or unsure of herself. In Moving On Up, Erica becomes emotional when she sees a guy she thinks is Ethan and it brings up a lot of old memories for her.

From there we see her downward spiral – even though her new friends in the support group have warned her that she’s still rebounding. She goes on a date with an ex-boyfriend who is less than amused that she’s just come out of a relationship. Then she tries to visit Ethan, but is stopped by his very sensible-but-hostile roommate. It’s not until she’s straddling the guy from the juice kiosk at her gym that she realises she needs to deal with her feelings.

The support group thing clearly isn’t working – though admittedly it’s early days yet. Essentially the problem is that these people are strangers and we don’t really know them well enough to warm to them. In fact, Adam, the guy we met last week, turned out to be pretty horrible actually. And you know what I miss most of all? Those cosy chats in Dr. Tom’s (Michael Riley) office, with its leather furniture and warm decor. The new room feels cold and impersonal.

Those grumbles aside, it was nice to see Erica thrown into her past to bond with Claire, Ethan’s ex-wife – except back then she was just about to marry him. When Erica opens up to her about her crush for Ethan, Claire starts to warm to her and confides that she’s got reservations. The take-away lesson Dr. Tom reveals later is that Erica got out before she made the mistake of marrying Ethan, whereas Claire didn’t.

None of which eases her suffering in the end, but it helps Erica come to terms with the fact that she’s made the right decision and will just have to wait for the sadness to lift.

In other areas of the episode, it looks like trouble is ahead for Erica’s mother, Barb (Kathleen Laskey). She gets dumped by her latest boyfriend and seems extremely upset. We see her crying in the kitchen with a bottle of pills – and I can only hope that she’s not so dejected she attempts suicide. And sister Sam (Joanna Douglas) gets a new job and a possible love interest in that guy who was ‘token black guy’ on Harper’s Island. (Am I right, it’s Brandon Jay McClaren, former Power Ranger?SPD! Emergency!)

I’m still not totally sold on the new group therapy, and I’m kind of waiting for a handful of storylines that involve those people. Although since they’re totally separate from Erica’s life, I’m not sure how that’ll work. The jury’s still out on that one.

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