Being Erica – She’s Lost Control (S01E11), episode review

Being Erica

As we near the end of the first series of [[Being Erica (TV Series)|Being Erica]], Erica is still avoiding Ethan.As that relationship becomes increasingly sour, Erica has to concentrate on her book launch at work for the chance to become a junior editor.

First though, Erica’s responsibilities at work increase as she rushes to put together a launch for the new book, The None. She rubs her colleague Brent up the wrong way when she refuses his advice and goes on to draft in a mentalist to be part of the presentation. This is the start of a snowball effect of craziness which leads to Erica insulting Ethan’s wife Claire. After Claire storms off, Erica confronts Ethan about their kiss and tells him some harsh truths.

Walking away from her row with Ethan, Erica stumbles into Dr Tom’s office. She tells him she wishes she’d never kissed Ethan five months ago, and he gives her the opportunity to rewrite that moments. She goes back briefly and undoes the kiss, but ends up kissing him anyway in the same trip.

Realising that she’s powerless to change that moment, she decides that she made a mistake being friends with Ethan in the first place. So, she decides that instead of pushing for just friendship with him, she’ll go back to the start of their relationship and choose to be lovers instead. Dr Tom complies and sends her back. However, Erica pushes too hard with Ethan and scares him a little, then she has to contend with competition in the form of his future wife Claire. Erica plays her hand too heavily and ends up pushing Ethan right into Claire’s arms.

Before she can do any more damage to her past, she returns to the book launch and pandemonium. Brent steps in to save the day though, removing the crazy lady from the stage and giving Erica the chance to vocalise the reason behind the book. Her boss Julianne recognises her efforts by making the promotion to Junior Editor permanent.

And finally, Ethan and Erica have their showdown. Except it isn’t much of a showdown – he admits she had a point when she rowed with him. He tells her that he realised that he doesn’t want to be with Claire in Montreal, and that’s why he chose to be near Erica. And for once, it seems like the two will get to be together without anyone else getting in the way.

I’m glad that the simmering romance between Ethan and Erica has resolved itself. I also loved the way that Erica couldn’t resolve it herself, it had to come from Ethan. It impressed me that Erica’s actions in the present had more impact than any meddling in the past she did.

And while we’re talking about Erica love, here’s a great article from another Being Erica fan:

The character of Erica Strange feels more holistic to me… and less superficial. For one thing, Erica has a family. And that (often troubled) family takes center stage just as often, if not more so, than any of her romantic interests.

There are some great points in that post that point to the heart of why the show – and Erin Karpulk as Erica – is one of the best series on television at the moment. It devotes its time equally to Erica’s family, romantic life and career.

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