Being Erica – The Tribe Has Spoken (S03E10) – Episode review

I should really wait an hour or two before reviewing episodes of [[Being Erica (TV Series)|Being Erica]]. I get really caught up in each episode, and The Tribe Has Spoken was no exception.

At the end of Gettin’ Wiggy Wit It, Erica and Julianne were dealing with the shock that Seth Newman was a fake and his novel, which they’d staked their company on, was unpublishable. Tonight’s episode opens on the pair being told that they should consider bankruptcy. 

To compound matters, Erica gets a dream job offer from her old literary secret society chum, and Brent starts stalking Julianne after Thomas Friedkin makes his life a living hell. This throws 50/50 Press into a very real dilemma – does Erica jump ship and take the job or does she go down fighting along with Julianne?

All credit to Erin Karpluk and Reagan Pasternak, they portray two women on the brink of losing everything extremely well. You can almost see the colour draining out of Erica’s face when she hears the word bankruptcy, and Julianne admirably offers to sell her apartment to refinance the business. Julianne has come a long way from that bitchy, condescending superior in season one, hasn’t she? I heart her.

Meanwhile, Adam has a chance encounter with his ‘future wife’, who he met during a brief glimpse into his future. This throws him for a familiar loop – is the future set in stone? Does he have to marry this woman because he saw it in his future? Echoes of Erica’s own situation with Kai a few weeks ago. One thing’s for sure, he feels a ready-made connection to the woman and they go out for a date.

Dr. Tom intercepts Erica and Adam and sends them to a desert island where they must work through Erica’s problem while finding their way to the other side. While they’re on the island, Erica and Adam share a kiss. This opens up an interesting question for Adam – will he pursue the connection to a future wife that’s not set in stone, or will he follow those already-developed feelings for our heroine, Miss Strange?

Returning from the island, Erica reaffirms her commitment to 50/50 Press with Julianne:

Erica: I’m not jumping off the ship while it’s sinking.
Julianne: So you’d prefer to actually drown?

And in a moment of excellent timing, Brent walks into the office at that point. Erica and Julianne’s reactions couldn’t have been scarier if they’d had pitchforks in their hands! However, they hear Brent out, and his olive branch turns out to be a mutually beneficial deal in which they help him out with the loathsome Friedkin’s book and he gives them a celebrity tell-all (presumably not Justin Bieber’s).

Because we’re all rooting for our two plucky publishers, the episode ends on a magnificent high. I initially thought that Brent would offer to buy his way into the company and jump ship from River Rock, but this is a more interesting turn of events. Of course, in real life, the cards are rarely dealt with such efficiency that 50/50 Press would instantly be rewarded with a celebrity scoop just because Erica stayed on board, but we’ll appreciate the dramatic license.

One final fleeting thought before I wrap up – only three episodes left in Season 3. I’m hoping that the Gods of Series Renewal at CBC are reading, because I am hooked on this show and require a Season 4. And if fans were put off by the foray into group therapy, I think the creative team on Being Erica have handled the transition brilliantly – there’s much more mixing up of stories and I love how there’s been some playing around with the special effects – again, this episode’s two doorways on a beach was a brilliant image.

Stray observations

Dr. Tom’s brilliant quote to Adam says a lot about the therapy and indeed the effect of the show itself:

“I’m your therapist, not your matchmaker. The work that we do here gives you the tools to deal with your present life.”

I love how Adam Fergus plays his character – essentially blunt, clipped, very Irish speech. Naturally that’s not difficult for him since he’s from Ireland, but I really like his character – he’s flawed, but he knows it and is working toward improving himself.

And on that subject – was the set for Green Row Press the same location as the college Adam signed up for his Landscaping course at? That staircase looked very familiar!

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