Being Human – Series 2, Episode 5, Review

For the fifth episode of [[Being Human (TV Series)|Being Human]], the series travels back to 1969 London in order to have a revival of the evil-but-awesome Herrick. This ties into a parallel story for Mitchell ([[Aidan Turner]]), which shows him being coerced by Herrick in the past, and blackmailed by Wilson in the present. Spoilers from this point forwards, by the way…

For me, the twin storyline that Mitchell experienced was the best part of this episode. However, the present-day footage was enthralling. Corrupt cop Wilson has Mitchell brought to the station to do him a favour – he wants to have a paedophile prisoner “ripped to shreds” to dispense justice a little more quickly. Mitchell refuses, but Wilson escalates his threats to the vampire community. And when Mitchell orders the paedophile to get himself put in prison – for his own safety – that’s not enough for Wilson.

Eventually, Mitchell realises that if he gives in to Wilson, he’ll be breaching his own moral code and he’ll be indebted to Wilson. In the end, he locks himself into a room and tears open the Police Chief’s throat. The special effects department have gotten worryingly good at arterial bleeding this series.

The fallout from Mitchell’s murder of Wilson is going to be interesting – Mitchell is the guy who’s spearheading an initiative to get the vampires free of their bloodlust and stop the random killings. So killing Wilson might be hard for him to just explain away!

In George’s ([[Russell Tovey]]) storyline, his relationship with girlfriend Sam is getting more serious. Invited to meet Sam’s daughter, George calls round with a tween magazine as a gift for the girl. She steals the show with a gruff one-liner, “Why don’t you just put me on the game and be done with it?”

Somewhere along the line, George – who has suddenly cured his werewolf Tourettes – decides to move in with Sam. Mitchell freaks out at the idea of the mother and daughter sharing a flat with a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf and rejects the idea – best line is when he looks at the ghost baby Annie’s minding and says “Same goes for Casper over here!”

Yes, soft-touch Annie ([[Lenora Crichlow]]) is asked by a spectre to babysit her child while she goes on a date with a dead fireman.Chichlow’s scenes brought a much-needed lightheartedness to the episode, as she tried in vain to comfort a ghost baby. And since ghost babies differ from human ones, how did she settle the child? By telling it horror stories!

Finally, Mitchell’s storyline edges back towards Doctor Lucy and the weird organisation run by the mysterious Kemp. Kemp has given Lucy a vintage stake and urges her to use it to kill Mitchell. However, Mitchell later arrives at her door, fresh from murdering Wilson and confides everything to her – that he’s a vampire, that he’s trying to go clean. The two fall into bed together and Lucy, clearly still conflicted by her feelings for Mitchell versus her loyalty to Kemp raises the stake above Mitchell’s chest, but doesn’t go through with it.

If I’m honest, the first couple of episodes of this second series of Being Human have sometimes been a mixed bag – but this episode had a brilliant mix of humour and drama. Aidan Turner got most of the action with a much-needed look at Mitchell’s backstory, and Tovey’s storyline is moving slightly too quickly, but was also good comic relief. There’s an undercurrent of a fraying relationship between the vampire and the werewolf too, which may boil over in the next couple of episodes.

Lenora Crichlow’s character is – pardon the pun – floating, at the moment. Since the first two or three episodes, she’s been in these short, self-contained storylines, and we’re waiting for her to have a more major role to play in events. I’m hoping that has something to do with taking down Kemp and his organisation!

Great dialogue

Couple of brilliant quotes from the episode I just had to share…

  • Sam to George: “I’m just gonna turn my back for three seconds and give you a chance to run for the hills.” He actually does. Then he comes back and makes an offer to have Sam and her daughter move into the house with the others.
  • Mitchell: “You want me to kill your kiddie fiddler?” Wilson: “He was released two hours ago. He’s probably back home by now, watching Tracy Beaker with a box of tissues.”

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