Being Human Series 3, Episode 3 review: Type 4

Frustratingly, the Internet ate my last [[Being Human (TV Series)|Being Human]] review. And so I’m rewriting it this morning.

The interesting thing to note is that there’s a lingering feeling of elation following on from Type 4, the episode with the Welsh WAG Zombie. Following the depressing second series of Being Human, this third series has been pitch-perfect so far. From the characterization to the storytelling, it’s a cause for celebration when a series is this good in a land where most programming is awful.

It’s also interesting to note that there are stacks of supernatural-themed dramas flooding the market these days – Vampire Diaries, True Blood, I’ll even include Twilight and the soon to air series of Teen Wolf. They’re all good in their own way, but nothing holds a candle to Being Human.


Front and center this week is Sasha, a fetid drunk Welsh zombie who chases Annie (Lenora Crichlow) home. The gang take her in (mostly to avoid drawing attention to themselves) and try to help her.

Sasha’s a wonderful creation – grotesque in every way possible. She’s a rugby WAG who died when she crashed her car while texting. And she’s literally falling to pieces. She casually picks off a toenail, her bones crack as she moves and she stinks. The scene where Nina (Sinead Keenan) wakes up, smells something awful and instantly looks for George (Russell Tovey) is understated but brilliant.

After a bit of poking around in the morgue, Mitchell and Annie realise that Sasha ‘died’ on the same day Mitchell (Aidan Turner) was rescuing Annie from purgatory. The theory then goes that Mitchell had somehow blocked the gateways to the afterlife while he was rescuing Annie. Seems no matter what Mitchell does, his actions always have negative repercussions.

Anyway, Annie starts to feel sympathy toward Sasha after this discovery and tries to help her out. After a disastrous trip to see Sasha’s boyfriend – where she gets impaled by a trophy – Annie arranges a night out for the girls. Which goes predictably wrong. Watching Sasha The Corpse snogging a guy in the club triggered every available gag reflex, and of course that’s where her body starts to break down. The girls take her home and watch over her until she dies.

It’s at this point that Sasha gives a speech that changes things for Annie and Nina – she talks about how she’d never really done anything with her life. This convinces the girls to take decisive action in their own lives.

Single White Vampire

Meanwhile…Mitchell gets stalked by Graham, his biggest fan (or fangboy). While it all starts out innocently enough, soon Graham’s working as an orderly in the hospital and hanging out with Annie. But he also drops some sinister hints about Mitchell’s past.

When Mitchell finally rejects him Graham goes off planning to murder a train-load of innocents. Mitchell discovers the plan and races off to catch him. And yet again, despite his best efforts to put his past behind him, Mitchell’s appalled to hear that he’s inspired other vampires through his actions in the tunnel.

He tries to convince Graham to leave the people alone, but ultimately he has to kill the vampire rather than allow Graham to massacre innocent people in his name. But it’s at this point that he returns to the house to confess to Annie. Except Annie’s determined to get it on with Mitchell, so she blindly forgives anything in his past. Although I’m not sure how she’d feel if she knew how recent his last kill was.

Werewolf baby

A smaller thread this week was George discovering that Nina’s pregnant. It turns out that the pill doesn’t work on werewolves. But Nina’s not ready to have children and reveals to George her own abused upbringing and worries about becoming a mother.

It’s a smaller storyline, but it seems to be leading up to next week’s episode, where presumably George and Nina seek out the McNairs and ask what to expect from a werewolf pregnancy.

I was a little surprised that Den Of Geek were so scathing in their review of Type 4. They sum up by saying:

As with other self-contained episodes last series, by failing to move things along and by concentrating on the mundane side of the daily lives of a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost, rather than throwing in the odd darker side of things too, we were handed a dull, occasionally funny, but ultimately disappointing episode.

Needless to say, I disagree. There’s no need to go racing off and fulfilling series-long story arcs. I like the fact that the pace of the show has slowed down and taken the time to do a few character studies. We’ve had revelations about the natures of vampires, werewolves and ghosts in each episode of the third series. The relationships between the housemates are developing and we’ve regained the supportive bond between them all that was largely missing from series two.

Tonally, this episode was excellent and I don’t mind a few freak of the week stories as long as they have relevance. Sasha’s story was beautifully handled, poignant and touching in places. Her best lines – for me – were with Annie after she got stabbed with the trophy and said that the dead stay beautiful, we don’t often think of them as rotting away. Something which Sasha was a stark visual reminder of!

Question: What do we think of Mitchell and Annie as a couple? 

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