Being Human, Series 3, Episode 5: The Longest Day, review

What’s your manager’s number, Wendy? I am gonna unleash a shitstorm.

Tonight’s Being Human showed that Nina is a force to be reckoned with, both in her dealings with a dippy social worker and also in kicking Mitchell and George into line.

But first – Herrick’s back – but he’s not the Herrick we love to hate. Most of you will have suspected that Herrick’s revival would have a touch of Pet Cemetery about it. He’s back, but he’s not right.

Fact is, Herrick seems to be completely unaware of who and what he is. And most of the tension in The Longest Day comes from wondering whether he was faking the amnesia in the first place – or believing he was genuine  but waiting for him to get his memory back.

Of course, Herrick is one of a few problems that disturb the flatmates this week – after Nina and George rescue him from the psychiatric ward at the hospital (where the warden was as crazy as some of the inmates), a social worker comes calling to check on ‘Uncle Herrick’s situation.

Hot on Herrick’s heels comes demented Bristol munter Cara, who’s keen to be reunited with her luvver. So Mitchell, George and Nina find themselves juggling a number of guests, and constantly on the verge of discovery. For me, the episode seemed to lose steam in the middle, the whole thing with the social worker just wasn’t remotely interesting.

However, there was an overriding air of tension brought about by Mitchell trying to stake Herrick on sight – against Nina’s will. Now, Nina doesn’t quite understand what happened with Herrick first time round. And nobody seemed too bothered about bringing her up to speed. I’d have thought George, with a pregnant girlfriend in the house, would have wanted Nina to understand the dangers of having an untamed vampire in the house.

Throughout the episode, we get glimpses of the old Herrick. When he calculatingly works out that the social worker can’t see Annie, we realise that he’s as cunning as ever. But is that just his nature, or is Herrick playing a complicated game with the housemates?

The last 20 minutes of the episode are essential viewing. When Nina dispatches the social worker, Herrick discovers Mitchell’s Box Tunnel 20 scrapbook and shares it with her. George believes that Herrick’s mind is completely wiped and actually stands up to Mitchell when the vampire tries again to stake him. 

And then there’s that squaring off between Nina and Mitchell – she tells him that he’s poisonous and he’s begun to think that Nina is the werewolf-shaped bullet that will ultimately kill him.

So, this episode of Being Human ends with the household in complete discord and possible fractures in relationships all over the place. And to complicate matters, Mitchell now realises that if Herrick came back from the dead, he might just survive that werewolf-bullet after all. But at what cost? If Herrick lost his mind when he was revived, could that happen to Mitchell as well? Suddenly Mitchell has an interest in keeping his vampire tormentor alive to find out his secret.

Anyone else reckon this is going to end badly?

Quick quotes

Annie: Social services – it’s got to be. She looks knackered and she has terrible hair.

Nina: I think there’s a poison in you which has nothing to do with being a vampire.

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