Being Human, Series 3, Episode 6: Daddy Ghoul, review

A slight departure from the series arc for Being Human this week – as we spend most of the episode dealing with the death of George’s father.

It’s a reminder that there’s a world outside Honolulu Heights – and that George abandoned his life after he became a werewolf. When he returns to his hometown for his father’s funeral, he’s shocked to discover his old man observing his own funeral from a distance.

He’s even more shocked to discover that his mother has shacked up with his old P.E. teacher.

Roughly 75% of Daddy Ghoul is played for laughs, which is obviously one of Russell Tovey’s strengths. George ends up trying to help his dead father fulfil some vague action to allow him to pass on, leading to much hilarity, especially as he endures the whole of Titanic. But the big twist comes as we discover Daddy Sands isn’t actually dead at all – eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed that he picked up objects with too much ease for a new spirit.

The revelation that George’s disappearance was the cause of his parents’ breakup gives him a very effective guilt trip and he sets about nudging the PE teacher out of the picture and reuniting his parents. And obviously, Nina comes along to help.

Elsewhere, an unbelievably inappropriate policewoman comes along to ask Mitchell some questions about the Box Tunnel 20 massacre. This scenario really spins its wheels until Annie gets suspicious of how cagey Mitchell is being – at that point she nudges the woman in the right direction, which leads her back to Honolulu Heights…and Herrick.

Two Herrick moments are noteworthy tonight – first when he sucks on a bloodstained handkerchief to satisfy his growing thirst, and secondly when he lurks behind the bathroom door that the policewoman is behind. His distorted face in the window is creepy beyond belief.

And just when you think he’s going to drain the woman right there, he abstains and takes her upstairs to show her Mitchell’s (incredibly dumb) scrapbook of the massacre.

Much as I wanted the series arc to drive closer to its conclusion, the storyline with George Sands Snr was great fun, and delivered some really snappy, humourous dialogue. Even the little details like naming his house “Sandscastle” were brilliant. Or Annie quoting Fight For This Love to console George.

However, I’m liking Mitchell less and less this series. His brooding, furtive persona with occassional violent outbursts is becoming a bit boring. Especially since most of the drama arises from his reluctance to confide in his flatmates. I know slipping off the bandwagon as a vampire is infinitely more disastrous than being an alcoholic, but even talking to George or Annie might help.

Only two episodes from the finale now, we’ve got to be speculating on whether Mitchell will get the werewolf-bullet in the next episode or in the finale. 

Best of the quotes…

  1. Mitchell: “I’m the one who looks like I’m wearing my face inside out.”
  2. Herrick “Why do you think some of us live forever and some of us are like fireflies?” 
  3. George: “I don’t know what’s worse – that fact that you’re a ghost, or you just used the word ‘lover’.”
  4. George: “Oh God, not another ghost that makes tea they can’t drink.”
  5. George: “This is what concerns you? Not what lies beyond the door, but the materials used to construct it.”
  6. Annoying Policewoman: “That’s a great cup of tea. I’ve shagged people for less.”
  7. Annoying Policewoman: “Maybe they don’t like your hair, or maybe they find your accent annoying…”
  8. George Sands Snr: “Why couldn’t she have moved over a bit? That piece of wood she was floating on was massive.”
  9. Nina: “So, you’re dad’s a ghost? And…a pikey.”
  10. George Sands Snr: “I came back from the dead for you, Ruth. How many men can manage that?”

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