Being Human Series 3 Finale – The Wolf-Shaped Bullet – Episode review

Phew. As cliffhangers go, [[Being Human (TV Series)|Being Human]] delivered a corker tonight, with one major character bowing out. I wonder if you can guess who?

But before we get into the post-finale questions, here’s a quick recap of tonight’s episode, The Wolf-Shaped Bullet.

For the most part, our predictions from earlier this evening were largely on the money. Herrick swiftly rescued Mitchell from jail and insisted on having his protegee’s allegiance once more. And Mitchell by and large declined until Herrick chucked George into a cage with him. At that point, Mitchell decided to play along with Herrick to save his friend.

But vile Herrick has other ideas. First up, he reveals to George that his best friend is the Box Tunnel 20 killer. But George isn’t surprised, so Herrick drops the “Nina’s dead” bombshell and cleverly tells it so that it all ties back to Mitchell. This manages to get a reaction, and the wolf briefly turns murderous.

All the while, Annie is observing Mitchell’s ‘defection’ from a twee bedroom in purgatory. As you do. While she’s visiting, she discovers that Lia is a Lia-r. Yes, Lia made the whole wolf-shaped bullet prophecy up.

Now, this revelation could have brought the entire third series down like a house of cards. There’s the initial disappointment of “oh, it was all a lie”. And then there’s the genius of that lie being the catalyst for all of Mitchell’s mania, paranoia and subversive behaviour. Once Annie discovers what Lia’s done, she very quickly unravels the revenge-driven girl and races home to Nina’s bedside.

Amid all this revelatory stuff, Being Human manages to fit in an entire epilogue for McNair – by showing his last letter to Tom. Yes, werewolf parent of the year wrote an “If you’re reading this, I’m dead” note explaining that Tom shouldn’t avenge his death. Well, readers, you know teenagers. This bit of reverse psychology works wonderfully and Tom heads off, stakes sharpened, to take out Herrick once and for all. And he somehow knows exactly where to find him.

Strangely, that’s about it for Tom. His appearance at the cage fighting ring causes a stand-off between the vampires and werewolves, leading to Mitchell and George emerging from the cage unscathed. George disowns Mitchell and races to the hospital to find Nina. And that’s the last we see of Tom.

Mitchell and Herrick go on a little road trip prior to delivering Vampire Armageddon. Mitchell gives a heartfelt speech to Herrick about the world he introduced him to when he became a vampire. As they watch the sun set on a deserted beach, Mitchell speaks fondly about the memories that Herrick has afforded him. And then he plunges a stake into Herrick’s chest, giving him a permanent death. Conveniently, Herrick admitted that if George had staked him instead of ripping his head off, he wouldn’t have survived. But do werewolves even have the opposable thumbs required to hold a stake? I don’t know. 

Before you can even breathe a sigh of relief that warmongering Herrick is dead, the camera jumps to the familiar police station, where an Edgar Wyndham is firing the entire homicide division. Of course, he’s a vampire. And we’re left wondering if he’s going to pick up from where Herrick left off.

However, we return to the cleaned-up Honolulu Heights, where a shell-shocked George, Nina and Annie are contemplating life without Mitchell. Well, until Mitchell appears outside, that is. But Mitchell isn’t looking for his old room back. He wants George – whom he’s contaminated with his evil ways – to drive a stake into his heart and finish him once and for all.

Sorry to be negative, but this was your typical Mitchell angst-fest. I’ve grown so tired of this naval gazing that Mitchell does that I almost wished George would stake him half a dozen times, just to be sure he was dead. I believe that Nina had Mitchell pegged 100% when she claimed that he couldn’t kill himself because that just wouldn’t be angsty enough.

The conclusion of the episode was thilling enough though. Would George kill his best friend of the last few years? Who could predict the outcome? Sadly, part of this scene felt like they were dragging it out, waiting for Edgar Wyndham to arrive (was he driving from Bristol?). And arrive he did, with a nursery rhyme that briefly made it feel like I was watching Life On Mars again.

This whole section was transparently the set-up for a possible fourth series of Being Human. And it wasn’t very subtle either! Wyndham introduces himself as an ‘old one’, while scorning George’s naive comparison to Herrick. No, ‘old ones’ are much worse. The crucial points here – Wyndham wants Mitchell to be an assassin for him, and rather ominously “The Age Of Vampires Is Dawning” or some nonsense like that.

And at this point, George plunges half-a-chair-leg into Mitchell’s chest.

Did NOT see that coming! Instead of George killing Mitchell in punishment, he does it to spare his friend from being enlisted as a killer. It becomes an act of mercy, as the relieved, grateful look on Mitchell’s face shows. A brilliant, and brave moment in this series – a lead character killed off. Some might say the lead character.

Of course, whether this really marks the end of Aiden Turner’s association with the show remains to be seen. We’ll find out soon whether Being Human will return for a fourth series, but with the spin-off web series Becoming Human making its jump to TV, it’s a fairly safe bet that the stories of George, Annie and Nina aren’t over yet. 

The thing is, if a stake didn’t kill off Mitchell permanently, then that implies that Herrick could return as well. So, either Aiden Turner is either moving on, or Toby Whithouse just introduced a major plot hole. Arghhh!

That quibble aside, a pretty solid series finale. Satisfying because Mitchell deserved some form of payback for his crimes. Regular readers will know I’ve been saying for weeks that there’s no way back for the housemates after the events of Box Tunnel 20, so this was the perfect ending to the series. There were some redundant moments that made the episode feel drawn-out, but the emotion in the final 20 minutes was powerful stuff. I’m betting I wasn’t the only fan on the edge of his seat!

Until next year, we can console ourselves with the fact that Annie has powers she doesn’t yet know about and that George and Nina are breaking new species boundaries with their unborn sprog. 

Quotes from the series finale

  1. Mitchell to Annie: “There was no punishment on Earth worse than your disappointment.”
  2. McNair’s letter to Tom: “I want you to live a different life now. One that’s decent…When I sat down to write this, I realised I’d forgotten how to hold a pen.”
  3. George to Mitchell: “You killed my Nina. You killed all those people. You don’t say my name now. You are not my friend.”
  4. Annie: “I was the weapon.”
  5. Edgar Wyndham: “I’m from head office. I am the man from Del Monte. I am the wrath of God.” 
  6. Mitchell asks George to kill him: “I’m going to kill again, because I have to. Because there’s a part of me that wants to.”
  7. George: “He’s dead to us. Deader.”
  8. Mitchell: “Anything that happened would have happened a lot sooner and a lot worse if it wasn’t for you two.”
  9. Edgar Wyndham explains how he can enter a house uninvited: “You don’t get to be over a thousand years old without learning a trick or two.”
  10. Wyndham to Mitchell: “You’re going to kill for me. You’re going to attack and rampage.”

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