Being Human Series 3 – Spoilers and photos for Though The Heavens Fall!

This Sunday’s episode of [[Being Human (TV Series)|Being Human]] is the second last in the current series, and the heat is being turned up at Honolulu Heights!

Mitchell’s under increasing suspicion in the Box Tunnel 20 massacre – which is fitting since he did cause the carnage. And to add to the tension in the house, McNair and Tom pay yet another visit – this time looking for George and Nina’s medical skills by the sound of things! Here’s the episode synopsis:

As Nancy continues her investigation of the Box Tunnel 20 massacre, she becomes increasingly convinced that Mitchell (Aidan Turner) is one of the responsible parties. Annie (Lenora Crichlow) is equally determined to uncover whoever she believes the ‘real’ culprits are, but will she like what she discovers? Meanwhile, Tom (Michael Socha) and McNair (Robson Green) show up. MacNair has been injured battling vampires, and with four werewolves now resident in Honolulu Heights and a looming full moon, Mitchell becomes understandably apprehensive about forthcoming events, given Lia’s prophecy. But is Herrick concealing something?

We’ve got a couple of extra images from the forthcoming episode – here’s Robson Green as McNair, transforming into a werewolf. And is he in the attick room where Herrick’s been staying? Could there be a Vamps versus Werewolves battle in the pipeline?

Robson Green as McNair

McNair looking pleased with himself!

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