Being Human Series 3 teasers

Toby Whithouse, the creator of [[Being Human (TV Series)|Being Human]], has spoken about what might be next for George, Mitchell and Annie in the third series of the show.

With Annie now in the spirit world/afterlife/purgatory (whatever you want to call it), Mitchell has vowed to bring her back from what sounds like a hellishly long queue. George and Nina are living together, with Mitchell, in a remote farmhouse.

Elsewhere, as we saw at the end of last night’s show, Daisy and the freaky vampire have succeeded in bringing Harrick back. Former police chief and king of the Bristol vampires, Herrick is probably the one character who could reinvigorate the series.

However, Whithouse hints that Herrick might have undergone some changes when he was reincarnated. After all, he’s bearing the scars from where George ripped his body apart and rises from the grave screaming – in fear, agony, horror, pain?

As for the future for George, Mitchell and Annie? Well, Whithouse says:

Series 1, the threat was supernatural, series 2, the threat was human. The way I’m seeing it at the minute, series 3, the threat is themselves.

So, we can speculate on what’s to come from Being Human, but it’s a fair certainty that Annie will return from ‘beyond’. I’d hope that the threesome (foursome, including Nina) move back to their flat in Bristol and resume their lives. Can they go back to normal?

And next time, if the flatmates are their own biggest threat, will they turn on each other? Will the friendship go sour? The thing is, Being Human strayed significantly from the things that made it charming in the first place. We rely on the tightness between the flatmates to carry them through adversity – and without that, the characters feel alienated and the plots feel desolate and depressing.

It must be difficult with a series like Being Human to maintain a successful formula and keep it fresh. I just hope that Whithouse takes a long look at that closing episode and tries to bring the series back on course. Otherwise, are you looking forward to a third series of Being Human?

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