Being Human – Though The Heavens Fall – Will Nina die?


When [[Being Human (TV Series)|Being Human]] is on form, it can deliver moments of amazing drama, and despite a rather slow first half, it ended with an impressive bodycount and some groundbreaking developments.

First let’s talk about Mitchell. There’s literally been nothing to like about the vampire this year. He’s been masking his part in the Box Tunnel 20 massacre, threatening a brain addled Herrick and just generally skulking around with a mixture of malice and gloom in his eyes. 

But tonight his secret finally came out – and all hell broke loose. For a start, Annie discovered his part in the killings. And sweary Detective Nancy almost got killed by her colleague (who just happened to be a vampire), before being drained by a ravenous Herrick.

I think we’re all in agreement that Annie not realising Mitchell’s guilt before now was a stunning exercise in naivity from the writers. Sure, Annie’s a very optimistic, kind soul, but Mitchell has a dark past and was obviously misleading Nancy when she questionned him. More effective was Annie being able to emotionally insist that Mitchell allow himself to be arrested.

Back at the start of the episode we had another flashback scene, showing that McNair became a werewolf when he was thrown in a cage with one. By none other than Herrick. McNair arrives at the house with an injured leg and soon sniffs out his tormentor. He makes an excuse to stay in the house for a few days and decides to confront Herrick when everybody else leaves to go to the pub. Of course, the confrontation takes a tragic turn when Herrick stabs the werewolf, killing him.

Herrick’s story accelerated quite a bit this week. With one kill under his belt, he’s thirsty for human blood. And with Mitchell’s help, he almosts attacks Nancy once before Mitchell comes to his senses and intervenes. Of course, Herrick eventually gets his fangs into Nancy. He follows this up by massacring the rest of the police team who raided Honolulu Heights. And somewhere along the line he gets his memory back.

The big reveal is brilliantly made, with Herrick reprising the police uniform that we associate with him. He appears behind Nina in the house and scares the living daylights out of her – keeping us all in suspense as to whether he’d kill her or not. And for a moment, it looks like he’s going to leave her alone, but he walks back into the room and stabs her in the stomach! 

This is terrifying stuff, because we’ve seen George and Nina all blissed up because of their baby. And tonight gave us the revelation that the baby was probably growing quicker than a normal human child. It looks like Nina is in a critical condition, and there’s no indication what will happen with the baby. One thing’s for sure though, George will be devastated that they parted with harsh words after Nina admitted that she reported Mitchell to the police.

We’re left with the mother of all cliff-hangers now. Herrick’s back, ruthless and evil. Annie’s devastated that Mitchell was involved in the murders. Mitchell’s about to get photographed in the police station, proving to the human race that vampires exist, and George is en route to try and stop it. Nina’s been stabbed, and there’s a big pile of dead bodies in the living room that needs to be cleaned up.

Phew! With all of that going on, next week’s series finale is going to be a fast-paced episode! You know it’s been a good episode when you can’t foresee any possible way of this story resolving itself. George has stodd by Mitchell, but when he finds out that Mitchell killed those people, how will he feel about leaving Nina alone with Herrick? At that point, Mitchell stands to be out on a limb unless he somehow redeems himself in the finale.

And of course next week we’ll see the return of Lia, and we have to wonder what’ll happen to Tom now that he’s been effectively orphaned. Also, will Nina survive the stabbing, and will Mitchell finally get his werewolf-shaped bullet?

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