Belfast teenager Jade Collins auditions for X Factor – but did she really need the jailbird father backstory?

Like many viewers of The X Factor tonight, we were knocked out by Belfast teenager Jade Collins’ audition. The young singer hit the stage to perform a piano-backed rendition of Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams.

In many ways, it was a great song choice. The slowed down version of the show was atmospheric, and it allowed us to focus on Jade’s voice. It was a solid, strong vocal, and despite being only 17 years old, she impressed me with her soul and the nuances in her voice. She handled the crescendo of the song with passion and power.

Of course, I find it a bit sad that people are going to remember Jade Collins as “the girl whose father is in and out of prison”.

Because, despite her mother talking proudly about how hard Jade works – between school and a part-time job, she spends most of her spare time practising. And to be fair to Jade, I think her love of music shone through in her audition. Louis Walsh praised her for singing with “raw emotion” and guest judge Anastacia said “you have so much passion in your heart”.

Most disappointingly, Jade’s audition was overshadowed by the absence of her father. For the most part, she was quite vague about the fact that her father wasn’t around. Until the show played some of that contrived “candid conversations between contestants that the cameras just happened to be around to capture”. Yes, Jade suddenly decided to open up to a complete stranger, “confiding” that her father chose the wrong path in life and has been in and out of jail for years.

Expect a sordid reveal in the national tabloids any day now.

This TOWIE-style filming backstage at X Factor is one of the single worst developments on the show this year. It creates contrived scenarios that feel so fake that the contestant comes off worst, despite probably being pushed into creating this type of filler footage. Which is a shame, because I think that Jade’s singing talent speaks for itself. There was no need for this. 

Did you think the backstage sequence in Jade’s audition was over the top? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. lady p

    I feel that the whole x factor thing has changed since the auditions are at the O2 arena,the auditions are a joke now and so commercialised!

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