BGT 2011 Auditions Update

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Hi all,

Just heard of a couple of singing acts who have received their BGT Audition confirmation for the next series.

Not quite sure where they are both auditioning but sounds very soon as both of them are on 2nd November. Could be Manchester, but I’ll try to keep you updated ASAP.

Anyone else had any Audition confirmation news yet ?

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  1. Robbi

    OK folks, here we go,

    The 2011 BGT Auditions rollercoaster is most certainly underway.

    Manchester is definitely on 2nd November & just heard of a solo singer who has also got her Manchester Audition confirmation today for that date.

    Only 1 weeks notice so that ain’t giving people much time to sort out travel arrangements, etc !!

  2. harini

    I have an audition at Manchester on the Sunday 31st October and I got told this information on Saturday 23rd October.

    Do you know any audiditon details? I have never auditioned before πŸ™
    Is the audition that appears on TV?

  3. MattLynch

    Is this a good sign becaus this much earlier than last year as my last one was in november like late november.

    And this is my 3rd time to try out, and my number is a very low number, this a good sign?

  4. Robbi

    Not sure if this is good or bad as it looks like the Audition rota has changed this year.

    Glasgow was 21st October last year but I have not yet heard of anyone receiving their Audition invites for Glasgow this year.

  5. Laurenski_x

    I sent in my application form on October 20th.  Do you think that it will still be counted?  I put my first choice as Glasgow, my second as Liverpool, but i live near Aberdeen so it would take me a whiley to get to either.  I hope they give me plenty warning.  Also this is the first time i have ever applied. Does anyone know that if you aren’t accepted to audition, do you still get an email telling you that or do you only get an email if you have an audition?  Thanks, Lauren xx

    1. Robbi

      Not sure if you have applied in time or not as several weeks ago the message on the BGT website said that applications were full, but now it looks like they have decided to extend the deadline.

      I have just come across some news indicating that the TV shows for BGT 2011 will be shown later next year in the autumn, as opposed to around April & the 2011 series initial auditions seem to be starting a few weeks later than last year- for example the Glasgow Auditions were on 21st Oct last year, but still no news this time round.

      The reason for delaying this years audition process is probably because of the re-scheduling of X Factor with initial auditions for the next series now taking place just after autumn next year, as X Factor will not reappear on TV until early in 2012, possibly between January & April.

      In any case, I expect as in previous years, everyone applying in time for BGT should be allocated an initial audition spot & be advised of their audition date by e-mail.

      The process in previous years has been that no-one is given a Yes or No at the initial audition- instead successful auditionees for the 2nd round TV Celebrity Judges Auditions will be contacted by e-mail, early in the new year. Unsuccessful auditionees will be sent an e-mail after all the successful auditionees have been contacted.

      I also live just outside Aberdeen so I might see you in Glasgow !

      All the best πŸ™‚


      1. Laurenski_x

        Oh man πŸ™ I’ll just have to hope that i’ve done it in time. Haha! If you are auditioning for Glasgow be sure to let me know when you get your email through, incase mines is floating around in with the junk mail or something πŸ™‚


        That’s weird that we’re from the same area kinda.  Nearer to the thing if i get an audition i’ll make you well aware of what im gonna be dressed up as, so i doubt you’ll miss me πŸ˜€


        Thanks, and all the best to you too!

        Lauren x

    1. sandalwood

      from what ive heard cardiff auditions are 28th nov-1st dec and birmingham are around the 9th dec….they seem to be informing people quite close to the audition date! x

  6. yumimummi

    Hi,im still waiting for Cardiff and my second choice Torquay as well.People who have said some dates,how do you know ? Ive been looking eveywhere and cant find any dates.Apart from i notice Applause are now selling tickets for the buzzer round at Cardiff Milenium centre on the 25th and 26th January next year,same dates as last year.If anyone hears anything bout Cardiff please let me know !!!! Starting to panick im not going to get a first audition !!!! Goodluck to everyone !!!XX 

  7. harini

    I hope you get your audition soon!

    Please can you tell me if you find out any dates for the buzzer rounds at manchester (because i dont have an applause account), and i fear that even if i am selected, i might be on holiday.

  8. yumimummi

    Hi ya !!! Just go to applause the website,click on BGT 2011 and it gives a selection .Not sure if any other dates are there yet as i didnt look,but ,yes,if you think you may get through its a good way to try and make sure youre free.Ive got a 17 week old baby,a 4 year old and a 5 year old to arrange child care for,so its really really handy to get a bit of notice !!! Unlike these auditions !!!! Please give me more than 2 days notice !!!! That would be just impossible for me and my hubby and my friends to work round,a good week would be lovely !!!!

  9. conniemoore

    Hiii i have applied for the London auditions! Has anyone heard anythiing about that. Also if you dont hear back from them can you just go anyway to the first one x

    1. michelle

      Hi, thank you for letting me know where the auditions are held, makes me feel a bit better now I have some idea what might be going on. Never done anything like this before. And no, not had a letter yet. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we will get one soon. xx

  10. Mason-63

    Hi there i had an audition for BGT last year at the NEC and i applyed again for next years auditions but i havnt had a letter yet either we will just have to be patient x.

  11. yumimummi

    hi ya !!!! my auditions on the 28th at cardiff too !!! what time is your slot,mine was 9 am,but i cant get a train early enough so theyve changed it to 1 oclock.might see you there !!!! what is your  act again,im sure youve already said but i cant remember what you said.only got 3 hrs sleep last night due to a very grumpy 18 week old baby boy after having his injections.god !!!! i hope i get a better nights sleep the day before my audition……please god let me sleep !!!!!goodluck everyone !!!! !!!!!

      1. yumimummi

        hi ya !!! im baton twirling !!! my times now 1 oclock but we will be arriving at about 11.30,so may see you there !!! if not,lots of luck,let us all know how it went !!!

      2. michelle

        Hi, I have an audition at 9 on the 11th Dec at Birmingham just wondered if you have any idea what a good time to get there is? not sure if I should get there 1 hour before my audition. sorry, just not done anything like this before and would hate to mis my audition. Thank you for any help you could give me xx 

  12. amberleaf

    hi all me and my daughter are singing in there shes at 9 and im at 4 should be a laugh though i might makea tit of myself but i can atleast say i went and maybe meet my friends off here never no lol god help us all lol

    1. michelle

      I’m waiting for my letter. I’ve asked for Birmingham. Never done anything like this before so I too will proberbly make an idiot of myself as well. but like you I can say I’ve done it.

  13. Laurenski_x

    Basically both members of my act are 16.  All children under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.  My mum was going to take us both down but now my friends mum/dad must also come but her mums a teacher and cant really take a day off her work to accompany her child to the audition and her dad runs his own business so he can’t leave it either.  We’re not sure what to do as we really want to do this.  Should we phone up and explain our situation or what shall we do?? Please help :S xxx

  14. conniemoore

    Yeeaah i would phone up and explain the situation and see what they say. You might be able to do it with a letter from their parents or something x hope this elps x

    1. Laurenski_x

      Okay thanks conniemoore i just needed some advice cos i hate making decisions myself! πŸ™‚ i’ll probably get her mum to do it since she’s the one who canna make it, thanks again  x

  15. MusicLover23

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    Big Love 


  16. sandalwood

    my daughter wants to perform an original track…has anyone ever got through doing their own song?…….cant wait for her audition at birmingham!….shes on the 13th dec x

  17. yumimummi

    Uuuuugh !!!! Its just typical !!!! Got my audition at Cardiff tomorrow and the whole of my family including me has got sickness and diareah !!!! Oh no,vile !!!! I ve rung them up and they said i could go to Birmingham in 2 weeks time if i want,dont know what to do.Go to Cardiff and just do my best or have the inconveniance of going all the way to Birmingham ? Think i will decide for sure this afternoon,at least i havent been sick everywhere like my little girl !!! Good luck everyone in your auditions !!!!xxx

  18. ladysinger

    I  had an email giving me all the details and then a few days ago I also got a phone call, did anyone else get a call (and an email?)

    Good luck everyone


      1. lacea

        Oh hope you are ok, my daughter had her audition. It is a wonderful day, not to be missed. 3 days after her audition we got an email asking what school and council she is in, also for emergency contact details to be forwarded. not heard since..

  19. michelle

    Well it’s my audition tomorrow (11/12/10) I am singing and I am full of cold. Well that’s sods law. Will just have to do my best πŸ™

  20. michelle

    Well I had my audition at Birmingham on the 11th. It was a lovely day. However, If I get to the next stage it will be a miracle. I was full of cold and felt really poorly. I know I did not do the best I can do but I tried. As soon as I could I went back home and went back to bed. Oh well things happen for a reason and there is always next year xx

  21. lisa0883

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