BGT 2012

hmmmmmmmmmm always wanted a blog, im so cool lol, ermm yeah lets start then:

name: Natalie Mahoney (LUNA)

Blog: tomorrow i will audition for Britains Got Talent, as a comedian ๐Ÿ™‚ ermm hopefully if things go well i will have a blog going on i will try and blog everyday through my bgt experience currently i am bricking myself as circumstances in the last 2 weeks have been crazy and upsetting and i have not practiced at all :L, but i got hope gotta have hope plus the fact that people say im naturally funny and entertaining, well we will see how many people have been bending the truth a little bit now.

bita-bout-me: i am 21 years old, i currently live in Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, and am in my 2nd year of university studying Forensic Science, i have a weekend and holiday job as a domicillary carer.

My main belief in life is that everyone should have the oportunity to smile and laugh each day, 8 years ago i went through a period of time where i didnt smile or laugh i was bullied and throughly depressed, but worse of all i didnt even realise i wasnt smiling or laughing like people around me, nobody noticed. It was the lowest point of my life, I was 13 years old and desperatly trying to dig myself out when i discovered Lee Evans,  his comedic genious helped me stay strong, my school work slowly improved, over the next 3 – 4 years i thought hard about what i wanted to do, everything I considered had to make peoples lives better, with my course at university Forensic Science: if i could identify a murderer and stop them doing it again i could die happy, with my current job, i get the chance to make someone smile just by helping them or having a little chat with them it gives me the warm fuzzy feeling and makes the long exhausting hours worth while.

to be able to make thousands of people laugh would be amazing for me, and a true reward, i just gotta think of something that is so funny every one will laugh and it will cause a epidemic of random giggling among the population whenever they think of it

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  1. natas908

    Well auditioned yesterday in birmingham.

    Went ok, turned up late, got lost (thank you sat nav), ermm picked up my old passport by mistake, had to put it together with my student ID, bank card and a random letter that was in my bag, sooooo embarrassed, then had to endure pity looks from people because of my crutches and felt like a fraud when offered special treatment from the crew to go straight up to audition (crutches not permanent), then it got exciting, put off my audition as was sooo nervous, making passing coments and telling funny stories to make the people arround me laugh and try and calm everyones nerves (didnt work for mine), went down for fag after fag, then the crew decided that i wasnt allowed to put it off even longer (joking way) highest point of nerves and all i could comment on was the bin placed right outside the room wasnt actually for rubbish it was for when people got so nervous they threw up, save the carpet.

    went in first impressions was of me on crutches tripping over the wood flooring they taped to the carpet (felt reali embarrased now as it was on video probs) asked me the usual questions then told me i had 90 seconds (to which i squeeked) then explained that i normally involve audience members, so i commented on the cameramans appearence brilliant nice coll spiked up hair with audio geek headphones on he smiled, chilled out a bit then and got into it 4 or 5 jokes laughed quite a bit and grinned all the way then was told i would hear by end of feb if i was successful, just a waiting game now along with thousands of other hopefulls ๐Ÿ™‚


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