Bianca Gascoigne auditions for X Factor 2012: What other audition songs are we bored of?

Oh how exciting! Celebrity Z-list royalty Bianca Gascoigne auditioned for The X Factor tonight. Seriously. I think the girl must have some kind of attention defecit disorder. She hasn’t been on a reality TV show in a couple of years, so she decided to show up for X Factor to scratch some weird “be on telly” itch.

Now, I’ve always been a fan of the babe. From a looks point of view anyway. She’s hot. But she’s got no problem rubbishing her step-father Paul Gascoigne, but will happily play on the Gascoigne connection whenever she needs to have any kind of cultural relevance. Because without the Gazza name, she’s just another babe on the street.

But the audition got me thinking (it was tedious, by the way – more X Filler to pad out a show with minimal talent). Bianca sang Mary J Blige’s I’m Going Down, which prompted so many comments on Twitter about the former Love Island contestant, well, going down.

Thing is, the Mary J Blige song is brilliant, but reality TV has killed it to death. Yes, to death. Likewise, Beyonce’s Listen and Etta James’ At Last

What are the other songs that Reality TV has turned from classics into karaoke crap? Any ideas?

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