Big Brother 11: Launch night liveblog!

In just a few short minutes, the eleventh and [[Big Brother 2010 (Series 11)|final series of Big Brother]] will start. Waiting in the wings are 81 hopefuls who’ll be whittled down to just 12 or so. Channel 4 have been very coy about exactly how many people they’ll be putting in the house, so we don’t know for sure.

What we do know is that Davina will be there. All the hopefuls will be present, and from the 81 the final housemates will be selected. One of the people going inside tonight will be a mole working for Big Brother (and hopefully not someone hiding inside a mole outfit), and there’ll be that wonderful Bob Righter character for us all to discover.

The brand new intro sequence looks cool – all carnival colours and creepy clown stuff. Davina emerges from the house which is spewing dry ice smoke. And lots of it. She promises an almighty bang for the last series – just like the Daily Star have been doing for the last decade! She also promises that she has no idea who’s going in the house tonight!

There’s a lengthy bit of VT that shows the shortlisting process so far. From the initial video auditions to the press interviews on Monday, to the photoshoots – it’s all there. Yes, I even see my own head, which is quite a thrill!

Davina goes into the house and immediately shows us the Diary Room – the new chair has golden eagles wings! Brilliant! It looks like she’s got wings! Quick tour of the Big Brother house ensues. Davina introduces Bob Righter, the creepy carnival thing that we’ve been hearing about. The house looks absolutely swish! Modern and cool, lots of nooks and crannies.

There’s even a robot parrot called Davina McCaw.

We get a close-up of that bathroom wallpaper…and a refactored Tree Of Temptation! It’s been turned into a chest of drawers for the bathroom!

First Housemate – [[Josie Gibson]]

Josie Gibson is seemingly randomly picked out of the crowd. She’s wearing a blue dress with a floral print. She’s 25 years old and a sales rep. Josie’s a country gal – thick accent and oh – that explains it – she’s from Bristol.

Josie tells us that accidentally drinking petrol was the worst experience of “moi whole entire life”! She enters the house with the maximum of shrieking and hand-waving. Oo-ar. She’s annoying me already. Please, somebody stop the squealing!

Second Housemate – [[Steve Gill]]

I knew Steve was going in tonight! Ha ha! Steve’s the guy who lost both his legs in an IRA bomb in Belfast. He’s got a glass eye, and he’s a former soldier. But aside from that, he’s built like the proverbial brick shithouse. He goes in to massive cheers from the audience. Check out those biceps!

He goes in via a different entrance, emerging into the house via the Diary Room. Josie, thankfully, has calmed down. Davina points out that the housemates are going to already kind of know each other – that might have its good points and its bad: they may have already worked out who they like, but they may already have reason to dislike people in the house. Neato!

Third Housemate – [[Ben Duncan]]

Ben Duncan is the third housemate chosen by Big Brother – he’s the self-professed Tory-boy, describing himself as an elitist and sounds extremely posh. He says – in his plummy tones – that he can’t be categorised. But…he tells us he has a good heart and a good sense of humour.

Not sure how much of that was bluster for the cameras, but he struts into the house confidently enough. He chats to Steve and Josie about their reception outside the house. The crowd are still booing…

Fourth Housemate -[[Rachael White]]

Yay! Rachael White, the Beyonce impersonator I talked about in my lookalikes post. She’s a total dead ringer, until she opens her mouth. But she knows she’s going to be one of the most attractive girls in the house. Could she be a tiny bit shallow? The audience thinks so – they’re giving her as much heckling as they gave Ben.

Work it Beyonce, work it… She knows them all! She greets Ben and Josie by name.

Fifth Housemate – [[Nathan Dunn]]

Nathan. I remember this guy. He was virtually unintelligible during interviews. And he’s got an impressive monobrow. Liam Gallagher is quaking in terror of his monobrow. He’s a 26 year old joiner, and the crowd love him. Of all the jack the lad types that could’ve gone in, he’s going to be an interesting one.

Sixth Housemate – [[Dave Vaughan]]

Dave’s a weird fish – he came to the interview day dressed as a monk. He’s a Christian minister who holds ‘sloshfests’, some type of religious drunken get togethers. Oh no. Instant housemate dislike. I am not a fan.

Friar Tuck goes into the house laughing his crazy head off.

Seventh Housemate – [[Caoimhe Guilfoyle]]

Oh, Caoimhe was a prickly bitch on the day I met her – she was the one who told us she wouldn’t answer the question why she wanted to go into the house. And she’s every bit as spiky in her video. The crowd aren’t fans, but I think she’ll kick up a fuss once she’s been in there for a while. Cute girl too. Not sure about the bi-curious angle she has going on.

Davina thinks that Rachael didn’t like Caoimhe.

Eighth Housemate – [[Govan Zachariah Hinds]]

What sort of name is that? He’s 21 years old and a voluntary worker. Very camp and giggly. He tells Big Bro that he’s never had a relationship. I think we’re going to like this guy – seems quite inoffensive. Apart from the boasting about penis size.

It occurs to me how easy it is for the housemates to see people approaching. Isn’t Big Brother so much more transparent this year?

Ninth Housemate – [[Shabby Katchadourian]]

Looning around like a female Pete Bennett, Shabby is clearly a circus performer. She told me that she’s quite an itinerant – she moves around quite a lot with her performance art friends. Basically, as she admitted, she’s a squatter. “I get a lot of poon-tang, what can I say?” I reckon she’s going to be a spiky little creature. Out and out lesbian too, but she’ll bring some fun to proceedings!

Tenth Housemate – [[Ife Kuku]]

Ife is 25 and a professional dancer – she’s actually worked with Cheryl Cole and Tinchy Strider. Her mother gave her away to a white family when she was younger. Sounds like a real firecracker, and the crowd are generally responding quite well to her. Lovin’ those legs, ladies and gentlemen…

Ife greets everybody in the room. Seems quite likeable so far. Davina thinks Ben gave Ife a dirty look.

Eleventh Housemate – [[John James Parton]]

The Australian housemate. He’s been flying back and forth to audition for this. He thinks we’ve never seen an Australian before. Clearly he hasn’t spent much time in London. Thinks he looks like David Beckham. Makes a strange cry as he enters the house “It’s the wizard, it’s the wizard!” Ah, he’s referring to the wonderful wizard. Arse.

Twelfth Housemate – [[Sunshine Martin]]

Sunshine is an odd looking little thing – like a geeky Lady Gaga without makeup. She’s 24 years old and is training to be a doctor. We’re looking at a daddy’s girl and also a girlie girl. She glues crystals to everything. Apparently. Quotable: “People called Sunshine can be smart too.”

The crowd hates her. Less shreiky than Josie, Sunshine virtually tumbles into the house and just starts babbling away.

Thirteenth Housemate – [[Corin Forshaw]]

Arghhhh! The 29 year old Katie Price lookalike, Corin sounds awfully annoying in her video interview. The audience goes nuts on her just because she looks like Katie Price. And rightly so. She comes across as annoyingly hyperactive and loud and she never. stops. talking. Gag her, right now.

Tombola Time!

We’re going to put a fourteenth housemate in the house – courtesy of a tombola machine that will pick one of the remaining hopefuls in the crowd. She chooses Mario Mugan, a rather geeky sort who is elated to be selected.

Fourteenth Housemate – [[Mario Mugan]]

Mario might be chosen, but he’s given “Big Brother’s impossible task” – he has to do some dastardly deeds against the housemates. If he’s caught out by the housemates, he’ll be evicted, but if they have no clue, he gets to stay on as a housemate.

Davina gives Mario a costume to change into before he enters the house. No VT spot for Mario either, so we don’t know much about him right now.

After the break, we discover that Mario’s been given a mole costume to wear – which will make it even more difficult for him to keep his secret. And…he has to live in a mole hole – a bedroom separate from the other housemates. It looks horrible too!

Mario goes into the house, trips down some steps and greets the housemates. He tells them the lie that Big Brother blindfolded him and put the costume on him. Nice to see him playing a clever game to cover up for the rather obvious mole costume!

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  1. Trudy

    It’s starting and I’m sitting here eagerly waiting, I hope it is worth the wait and it’s a brilliant series

  2. Trudy

    Josie is the first housemate, when I was watching her video I thought she wasn’t bad. However when she was going in and started screeching I have changed my mind, what a fake scream.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Yeah, I just wanted the noise to stop. I think Steve’s going to be an interesting character – I said he was going to go through. Glad Rachael is through – she’s serious eye candy!

      1. Trudy

        It did not take you long did it Gerard to be picking out your eye candy, what you would really like is a Holly Willoughby lookalike.

        1. Gerard McGarry

          To be fair, I had a bit of a head start, but there were a ton of gorgeous looking girls among those hopefuls. And they were all dressed up like for a night out.

          And don’t start me on Holly Willoughby – replacing her on Xtra Factor with Konnie Huq? I’m sooo annoyed. Luckily I work from home, so I can still see her on weekdays!

      1. strattso

        yes I agree with you Gerrard, My opinion will probably change a great many times. It certainly is a motley crew so far.

  3. Trudy

    My god did anyone see Nathans eyebrows, silly question you couldn’t miss them.  He is in serious need of getting something done to them, maybe they should have that task where you have your eyebrows shaved off he couldn’t look any worse, should have had them threaded before he went in.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      The day I met him, it was like getting attacked by a caveman – all hair, and I couldn’t understand a single word he was saying. Though he seems like a nice guy…

  4. Trudy

    What a mix of housemates, where do they get them from and how do they choose who goes in the house. There are some strange ones so far will have to see when we learn more about them.

  5. Trudy

    Well I’m okay for the series we have a housemate with an australian accent, I just love the australian accent it is so ummmmm. Will be content to just sit and listen to him for 13 weeks and the fact he is quite nice helps as well.

    1. strattso

      Trudy……. Down girl,  Down, control yourself. and wipe up that puddle where you have drooled Hahaha!!! But you and I have both picked the same guy again,   John was my eye candy, and he is the Australian. Yeh!!!


  6. Rosie-Lee

    Every year I hear myself saying “where did they get that lot from?”, so no change there then.

    I have a feeling that poor little Mario will fail as the mole, he doesnt look devious enough. 

    Steve or Ife to win.  First thoughts only.

    Josie to be thrown over the wall by fed up housemates as she continues to scream endlessly.


    1. strattso

      I think that Mario is a dear, But like you I do not think he has a hope of carrying it off.  Super Gluing Josie’s mouth shut may be a really good move.

      Fasten your seat belts I think its going to be a very bumpy ride…… I Hope

    2. strattso

      I think that Mario is a dear, But like you I do not think he has a hope of carrying it off.  Super Gluing Josie’s mouth shut may be a really good move.

      Fasten your seat belts I think its going to be a very bumpy ride…… I Hope

      Whoops what happened, I have over-exuberated and posted twice Nice

  7. slaneyvalley

    I watched BB last night and I’m still not sure what I make of it all. I think I was a little disappointed the Mohamed Amin, the Dancing Dwarf from Iran, was not chosen. I also watched some of the live feed on E4 later and it was interesting to note that Posh Ben has already been on ‘Ladette to Ladies’ and even took part in a celebrity ‘Come Dine With Me’ not as a celebrity himself but an assistant to a guy who was preparing dinner for his guest, can’t think of the guys name but he took part in the Apprentice (very posh). I just wondered if Ben’s agent helped him on the way. I keeping comments on the HMs to myself until I see a bit more of them.

    Whilst there is Live feed at night I was just wondering if there was Live Feed in the day time and if so is it just for an hour or so?

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Actually, on a personal level, the Iranian Dwarf was not that interesting, David. He’s got a great story, but wasn’t very engaging when we interviewed him on Monday. Out of the four or so potential housemates with disabilities/differences, I think Steve Gill was the right guy to go in.

      1. slaneyvalley

        I agree that Steve Gill was (is) the most deserving out of the disabled lot (I hope by saying ‘disabled lot’ is not considered too PC) to go into the house. He could prove to be a terrific inspiration to many who come back from Afghanistan with very severe injuries and possibly feeling that life is not worth living, whereas Steve proves that there is life after war (be it NI, Iraq or Afghanistan). The downside to Steve (which I think could be a tad unfair to others) is that he might become some sort of national hero whereby the press will give him many many acolades in written articles and as a result could win this year based on publicity and how wonderful he is. If he is a good HM (and I reckon he could be) then he would deserve to be in the top three (if not even a winner) but I would like to think that achievement would be based on him as a good HM rather than his ability to overcome such adversities.

        I think I would have liked Amin to have been in the house more from an amusement point of view only because of how the media highlighted the ‘Dancing Dwarf.’ BB this year ceatainly appears to be very much the ‘Barnum and Baily Circus.’ All we need now is a bearded lady in the house.

  8. David

    I’m torn over this years housemates, I actually like Josie, or I did until she started humping the stairs, but she seems to have calmed down now, as I’m sure most of them will once the excitement of launch night is out of their systems. Watching a bit of the live feed I can’t help but dislike John James, is it me or does he look angry all the time? maybe its his eyebrows, :L but he does seem to be very cocky and a bit full of himself, but we’ll see. I do like Sunshine and the sense of innocence she carries about with her, Mario also seems like a decent guy. However, I can see myself squirming at the likes of Ben, Dave and Shabby (oh, dear lord) over the next few months.

    1. strattso

      Hi David,

            Are you sure that you mean John with the uni brow, or maybe you mean Nathan? I like John, he is the Australian, I don’t think that he has a problem with his eyebrows. I actually also like Nathan as long as I can ignore that slug that he has attached to his forehead, known as a uni brow. Maybe one of the girls can take him to one side, sit on him and wax his eyebrow to within an inch of its life. I think that my relationship with Shabby will definitely be a love hate one, I suspect more hate than love though. Mario is extremely switched on, and if I were his Mum would be concerned about the way that he managed to lie his way out of his situation. But at the moment I like him. Josie…. well as I said before  maybe if someone super glues her mouth shut, then I maybe able to watch her without the urge to sit her on a naughty step somewhere far away. But I am so fickle that I will change my mind a million times during the next three months.


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