Big Brother 2001 Update: Day 6 – The First Nominations

Hello to all of you who’re staying up on a school night just to watch the latest happenings in the Big Brother house. Tonight, dear readers, is the first nominations night of the series – and it comes in the wake of some tense times in the house.

I’m looking forward to it because we haven’t seen much of the housemates in the Diary Room so far. It’ll be a good insight into each housemate to see who they nominate and the reasons they give. That always tells you loads about the type of people they are.

Anyway, tonight’s episode starts with [[Corin Forshaw|Corin]] and [[Mario Mugan|Mario]] talking to each other about coming out of the closet to their families. I actually forget that Corin’s bisexual sometimes. Must be the bosoms.

The Verruca scandal looks set to explode tonight as people start to tease [[Sunshine Martin|Sunshine]] about her ointment. She has a moan about [[Govan Zachariah Hinds|Govan]] later on to Ben. She seems to think that verrucas are as bad as an STD. Either that, or she has zero sense of humour. She makes [[Ben Duncan|Ben]] promise that he won’t mention her embarrassing infectious foot condition again ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. 

What’s really funny is that she says she doesn’t actually have verrucas. What is up with this girl?

[[Dave Vaughan|Dave]] visits the Diary Room. He admits to feeling distant because he’s missing his family and says he’s become isolated. He tells Big Bro that he feels there’s a barrier between him and Govan, but he’s wussing out of talking to Govan about it.

Govan’s in full on bitch mode tonight. He’s briefly whinges about Dave, then when Ben starts talking about the verruca situation again, he rounds on Sunshine. He’s not interested in Mario’s suggestion that the pair need to reconnect. I can feel that, but Govan’s progressed to a full vendetta now. Brilliantly, he continues bitching even when Sunshine walks into the room.

[[John James Parton|John James]] and [[Josie Gibson|Josie]] continue their weird friendship/flirtation, with Josie promising to pimp him out to her friend. They change the subject when Mario walks in. Josie asks him if he could have a romantic dinner with anybody in the house, who would it be? He instantly replies “Ben”.

Govan’s bitching continues with a rant to John James in the snug about Dave. He calls him “fake” this time. Isn’t it funny – Govan and Sunshine both came across as these vibrant fun characters before they went into the house, but they’re become two of the nastiest inside the house.

Dave manages to make his big mis-step by talking about gay marriage. In fairness, he doesn’t start the conversation, but he says that although Jesus loves everybody, he wouldn’t be comfortable marrying two gays. When drawn on it, he says that from his reading of scripture, it’s not acceptable. But he’s cagey on the subject and talks about his sister being a lesbian and not wanting to get any further into the subject.


  • Ben’s up first…[[Shabby Katchadourian|Shabby]]’s his first choice, because she’s too volatile. “Shouting one minute, crying the next”. For his second choice, he chooses Sunshine for being “a divisive figure in the house”.
  • [[Caoimhe Forshaw|Caoimhe]]…Sunshine “not the kind of girl I’d get on with”. Second nomination is Dave, because of “the whole getting drunk off the Holy Spirit thing”.
  • Corin…Caoimhe “I’ve not seen her pulling her weight…she’s not mingling as much”. Second nomination is Sunshine, because “she’s the type that can carry on conflict a lot longer than she needs to”.
  • Dave…nominates Govan because of the “total disconnection…he just turned his back on me…he’s trying to play the game on me”. Second nomination…Rachael because “she’s pretty insensitive to others in the way she dresses…someone had seen her parts”.
  • Govan…instantly nominates Sunshine because of the petty conflicts she’s caused. Secondly votes for Dave “because he likes to get involved when there are bits of drama”.
  • [[Ife Kuku|Ife]]…first nomination is Sunshine “she doesn’t seem to ever want to back down…quite a few people have found her irritating”. Second nomination is Steve, because she feels like she’s walking on eggshells around him. Thinks he doesn’t like her.
  • John James…nominates Rachael because she thinks she’s a little bit better than others in the house “because of what she looks like”. Second nomination…Shabby “I don’t think there’s any reason to discuss names…maybe she was trying to influence her group”.
  • Josie…Dave…because we have different views on things. Sunshine…”I don’t feel like we’re having real conversations, I feel like she’s talking to the mirror behind me”.
  • Mario first nomination…Shabby “she’s so strong, other people get pushed to one side” and Corin “we haven’t bonded on an intellectual level”.
  • [[Nathan Dunn|Nathan]] nominates Sunshine “she gets on my tits, it’s all me me me” and then Ben “I find it hard to have stuff in common with him”.
  • [[Rachael White|Rachael]] nominates Dave first. “The only time we’ve had a conversation has been in the group”. Second nomination is Sunshine…”she thinks she’s right all the time…she’s difficult to be around”.
  • Shabby votes for Sunshine “because she thinks she’s intellectually superior”, then Dave because they’re “at very different stages in their lives…just have nothing in common”.
  • [[Steve Gill|Steve]] votes for Sunshine for being “quite irritating and for playing with the cameras” and then Shabby for playing up and having tantrums.
  • Sunshine nominates Govan for saying he thought she was the mole and then not giving her a good excuse for why he did it. Second is Shabby, for basically just ignoring her.

Sunshine received a whopping 10 nominations, while Shabby and Dave received 5 nominations each. Guess who’s going home on Friday, folks?

Ben wrong-foots Nathan (who just nominated him) by eating some onions he’d prepared for a curry later that night. Ben later attacks Govan for ‘dobbing’ on him. Govan is steadily working his way into the black book – housemates who get too argumentative over tiny little things. Ironically, just like his mortal enemy Sunshine.

Dave’s strategy seems quite sound – sit back and let Govan rant and rave. Dave’s cool approach makes Govan look all the more unreasonable. Govan’s tirade includes all time tantrum classics “you don’t know me” and “you don’t know my motives”.

Crack psychologist Shabby says that the onion is a metaphor for their group frustration about nominations. We at home at guffawing at how much arguing has come out of a handful of onions.

Something happens that I don’t understand. After bickering with Dave in the garden for over half an hour, Govan returns to the house and calls Sunshine aside. He doesn’t quite apologise for his behaviour, but seems to discernibly back down from the hostilities of the last few days. Then the two serial drama queens engage in having two separate conversations about themselves at the same time. Sunshine laughably declares that she wants to be seen as a role model for geeks who want to graduate university. Sunshine, Patron Saint of Tertiary Education.

There’s a charming little game between the housemates that involves them declaring who they like to rub groins with in the house. Is that what we call an ice-breaker? So far, so predictable. Everybody wants Rachael. Even Rachael.

Govan. Josie and John James chew over the implications of that session later in the night. John James professes to hate Rachael, but admits to probably wanting to shag her because he hates her. Excellent. He’s so modest.

And there it ends. Really developing a dislike for Govan after this episode. He came off really badly. Nathan is a silent hero. He doesn’t seem to say much, but seems to get on with everybody. And he’s a clear contributor to the house.

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  1. Rosie-Lee

    Govan was truly spiteful in his attitude towards Dave.  Haranguing him, and constantly snapping out his favourite line “let me finish”.  More like “when will you finish?” you doughnut.  I felt really sorry for Dave putting up with than venom when he had done nothing to warrant it.  Dave tried hard to be cool and let it go over his head, but Govan just kept on spitting away like a demented puff adder.  Govan obviously goes gunning for certain people who he suspects will not strike back.  I wonder if he would dare do it to Steve or Nathan. 

    I think he believes he is playing mind games, but I hope it explodes spectacularly in his face.  Nasty, nasty little weevil.  (I was going to say weasel, but I rather like them.)

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I totally agree, Govan believes he’s playing the game. And in a way he is. He’s picking on the weakest members of the house, bitching about them to other people and hoping that carries over to nominations. It’s a smart way to pick people off, except for one thing – his method of doing it is likely to end up annoying other housemates and tipping off the public to what an ass he is.

      On one hand I admire him for playing the game, but sneaking around backstabbing people to his clique is very likely to blow up in his face.

  2. Rosie-Lee

    I have no admiration for Govan whatsoever.  I have just been watching some live feed before I go to bed, and Govan has spent the last quarter of an hour, hardly drawing breath, stabbing Dave repeatedly in the back to John James.  He really has it in for Dave, which I do not understand.

    If I had been John, I would have had to get up and walk away, but presumably he is too wussy because he probably thinks Govan will starting spreading malice about him.  Having said that, John is dissing Rachel too.

    There’s playing the game, and there is being just plain nasty, and I think that Govan seems to fit more into the latter camp now.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I expect a certain amount of bitching. The fact that it’s so soon and so vehement is a problem for me. And he’s so rude about it, he won’t let the other person get a word in edgeways. Hell, if I was in that house with him there would be very literal murder. I don’t accept that kind of behaviour from anyone. Somebody in the house should man up and tell him to stop it. Or Dave should defend himself – I’m not always a fan of the ‘let’s try to reconnect’ method of conflict resolution.

  3. Trudy

    Even after this short time I detest Govan he is really sly and nasty and is actually verging on being a bully. I do not like anything about him he actually makes me cringe and the mouth is just pure nastiness.  If this is his game plan I think he has completely misplayed and I would have loved David to have chosen him to replace him.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I agree. I’ve got nothing against people trying to play the game, but Govan pushes his point of view to far and that’s a turn off. If it were me in his shoes, I’d wait until someone like Sunshine made themselves unpopular and concentrate on getting them nominated and then evicted. Then I’d find somebody else on the fringe and repeat the process while being a generally amiable dude.

      Damn, I should be in that house!

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