Big Brother 2010: Dave Vaughan is evicted in second place!

He went into Big Brother dressed as a monk, but Dave Vaughan came out with his own very strange take on religion, constantly droning on about being “drunk on the Lord’s glory”. I’ll be upfront here, he was my personal least favourite housemate. However, I have been slightly charmed by the devotion of his wife and his sometimes mischievous banter inside the house.

His loss is Josie Gibson’s gain though – she’s been crowned winner of the 2010 series of Big Brother.

One thing’s for sure, he’s lost a load of weight during his time in the house. The best bits show Dave asserting that God doesn’t like the gays, fighting with John James and claiming he can make Steve Gill’s ‘nubs’ grow back into legs.

Davina asked him what changed, he said he was missing his family and it took him about three weeks to settle in. They show him footage of his ‘glory boring’ and how the housemates felt about it. Less annoying was his love of makeup and heavy grooming – waxing and stuff like that.

That’s it for Dave. We’ll be back soon with our winner’s post about Josie, and then we’re on to talk about Ultimate Big Brother.

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    1. Gerard McGarry

      It would appear religion isn’t completely dead. Someone in the church hierarchy obviously believes any publicity is good publicity, even if it involves a fat dude pretending to be drunk on the Lord. I’d have assumed that Christian outrage at his antic would’ve finished Dave off weeks ago, but apparently not. That’s the only explanation I can think of.

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