Big Brother 2010, Day 11 – Heartbreak for Shabby?

Ooh, teasers for tonight look interesting! Shabby’s working up to confessing her lust for Caoimhe. And Corin’s wonderful day is about to begin.

The housemates get woken up to the sounds of Dolly Parton and 9 to 5. Sunshine decides to sing along and ruin it. But Corin loves it regardless! To make for a better morning, Big Brother calls her to the Diary Room for a full English breakfast. Brilliant! This is the most benevolent reward ever.

Dave theorises that the crowd might have voted for Corin to get the treat on Friday. But his second theory involves Rachael nominating her for a treat after her eviction – is bang on the money. Meanwhile, in the Diary Room, Big Brother is flirting with Corin!

Bloody Dave has the audacity to say to Steve that “I’ll put my hands on your nubs and command the or to make them grow”. Now, while I’d pay good money to see that happen – science has been waiting for years for God to raise his beardy face and prove that he’s not a fairytale – but I’d equally have paid good money to see Steve break a chair over Dave’s head.

Conversation between Josie, Shabby and Nathan suggests that Josie’s flirting with a select few. In the living room, Dave is telling the story of his journey to God. He’s “here to show that God is a fun God”. Nathan accuses him of using Big Brother as a marketing campaign for religion. Dave denies that that’s his agenda. Nathan can’t seem to move beyond the “I’m here to promote God” thing though. Good lad.

You Vs The Housemates

This is interesting! The housemates have to take part in a challenge against a Big Brother viewer. They see some video footage of the guy blowing out a candle from an unspecified distance. And Corin, as the housemate nominated for the task, has to blow out a candle from further away than the viewer.

She makes a total mess of blowing the candle out on the first two attempts. It’s almost as if it’s one of those joke shop candles that you can’t blow out. It’s not. She blows it out at 1 meter 15 centimeters, beating the viewer! Hooray! We like Corin!

In the bedroom, Shabby is tucking Caoimhe into bed. Flirtatious! Corin gets called to the Diary Room and given a massage and manicure. Hands appear from behind a curtain to massage her, and she has to keep cucumbers on her eyes so she can’t see who’s working on her.

Ben’s telling Josie about what he does for a living. Josie asks if his friends do the “car keys in a fruit bowl” thing, but he tells her he doesn’t have a car.

Shabby and Corin talk in the bathroom about her treat day. Shabby repeats the idea that Rachael or the Big Brother crowd voted for her to get the treat. She tells Corin that everybody’s happy she got the treat though. And in the bedroom, John James tells the others that his father died two years ago in a scaffolding collapse.

Shabby talks to Josie and Corin about her feelings for Caoimhe. But Caoimhe comes along and that conversation gets cut short. Govan admits to Ben and Sunshine that he’s a big Meryl Streep fan. That I did not expect to hear.

Shabby visits the Diary Room to confess to being mad horny for Caoimhe, and Big Brother asks if she’s spoken to Caoimhe about her feelings. Corin also advises Shabby to come out about her feelings, but to be discreet about it so it looks like a one-time, “oh, you’re looking hot today” kind of thing.

The girls are gathered in the garden busily working out the lyrics to The Raggy Dolls. They must be really bored! In the living room, Corin gets called to pick up her suitcase from the store. There’s an extra little present – a pair of pyjamas or something? – with a little note saying “Just for being you, Big Brother.”

Feel good moment of the night – Erasure gets played into the house! Much dancing and toothy smiles from the housemates!

Song selections are the topic for a minute or two. Steve talks about a song he chose about a paratrooper being blown up in Northern Ireland. A song that brings back real emotions for him. He gets teary. Dave lauds him as a hero.

Caoimhe tells Big Brother how she loves her little sisterhood, and heaps praise on Ife and Shabby. Meanwhile, Shabby’s telling Ife how much she likes Caoimhe. Quite sensibly, she doesn’t want Caoimhe to get outside and see all the footage of Shabby being all lusty about her. So, she’s obliged to come out and say it.

Govan and Nathan have a good old chinwag about how much they like everybody. The house seems to have settled down immensely in the last couple of days. Not nearly so much conflict at the moment. Oh, but is that about to change?

Ife drops Shabby in the shit. She tells Caoimhe that Shabby has something to tell her, taking Shabby’s choice away from her. Brilliant! Shabby hides herself in the nest. Ife follows, then Caoimhe comes in as well. Shabby runs out. Basically, Shabby runs away from people a lot, then hides out in the Diary Room. “Mortified” is the word she’s chosen to describe the situation.

Ife and Caoimhe chat about Caoimhe’s boyfriend, but Ife refuses to say what the thing with Shabby was about. Eventually, Shabby and Caoimhe have the conversation in the garden. Caoimhe giggles throughout it, though she admits she’s fancied girls in the past. They end the conversation fairly well, and Caoimhe assures Shabby that this won’t change anything between the two of them. Which is nice, really.

Tomorrow: Govan huffily tells Big Brother he wants to go home and to “sort it”. Oooh, what could have rattled his cage?

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  1. strattso

    Oh Dear. I know that I should not laugh, but the last time I saw this scenario, was back at Junior school.   Poor Shabby fancies Caoimhe ( wish she had a different spelling to her name though)  The worse thing that she could have done was tell Ife. I think Ife is great, but she is just a little dipsy. But alls well that ends well. Shabby told Caoimhe, and she said that she had no idea?   She must have been walking around with her senses in neutral, and her eyes tightly shut.

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