Big Brother 2010, Day 12 – Something brown hits the fan, causes mess

Word has it that tonight’s Big Brother highlights will show us the housemates starting to implode in a big way. Bugger. I missed the start! Can you believe that?

So, to kick off, [[Govan Zachariah Hinds|Govan]] is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother he wants to leave. He’s subdued and morose and wants to leave. Big Brother advises him to speak to a fellow housemate about this, and he suggests [[Corin Forshaw|Corin]] might be good to talk to. He meets [[Ife Kuku|Ife]] on the way out of the Diary Room and she tries to help.

[[Shabby Katchadourian|Shabby]] sometimes looks like a squashed down Noel Fielding. She’s talking to Caoimhe in the garden. Mild flirting ensues. I kind of hope Shabby turns her, just out of boredom. You know, for something to do.

[[Caoimhe Guilfoyle|Caoimhe]] decides that she’s not worried about the outside world right now.

[[Ben Duncan|Ben]], [[Dave Vaughan|Dave]], Sunshine and some of the others are talking about how the outside world perceives the various groups in the house. Yes, factions are forming. Ben claims [[Steve Gill|Steve]] for ‘their’ group, and they name Shabby’s crew the Addams Family.

[[Sunshine Martin|Sunshine]]’s veganism gets briefly examined. And it seems that she’s full of crap.

Govan chats to Corin about his issues that have sprang out of nowhere. He tells her he’s worried about how he’ll be seen on the outside – apparently the black community are super judgemental. Shame on you, black people of England. I don’t understand where this new, sullen Govan came from – did I miss something? He’s doing a convincing impersonation of someone who’s in turmoil. Brilliantly, Corin hits him back with her own personal experience of going from being married to being in a relationship with a woman and the judgements she faced. I love this girl.

He cries, she comforts him, I feel it’s fishy he won’t hold her gaze. Sign of a liar, you know.

[[Josie Gibson|Josie]] asks [[John James Parton|John James]] what smells worse, his feet or his breath? She’s the new David Frost with that amazing interview technique. Something happens – sorry, I got bored for a minute – and the next thing you know, Psycho John re-emerges and points his daggers at Josie.

Yes, John goes mental about something trivial with Josie. He has a good old bitch to his yes men. Josie gives him merry hell with the classic “Rachael’s gone now, it’s my turn now, is it?” Brilliant. I didn’t like Josie much before this, but she handles him like a pro. Turns his anger and his argument against him until he runs like a wuss to the Diary Room to request to leave.

I think Dom Joly was right – John James is wanted for murder in Australia and is hiding out in the Big Brother house.

Josie stands up for herself with John, and makes him look like a total sissy. He actually breaks down and cries. Dude’s got some kind of hormone imbalance. Huffy git. Looks like they might have resolved their drama though.

Govan’s drama continues in the Diary Room. He says he doesn’t want to go, but still worries about going home to his family and friends. I just don’t understand. This is his dream? His ‘loved ones’ don’t understand that?

Ben and [[Mario Mugan|Mario]] have a bitching session about the housemates. They’ve picked up on how Govan’s playing the game.

There’s a minor party for the housemates with nibbles, but no booze. They play Gaga, and her spiritual twin Sunshine goes nuts. Shabby and Caoimhe play a sucking game with jelly. There’s something sexual about it I can’t put my finger on. Ben moans about the party and claims that he doesn’t need to mind his manners at a crappy Big Brother party. Ben flips back at John James and tells him Shabby was smirking when he rowed with Josie earlier.

Dave talks about Shabby in the living room. Shabby’s hoping someone would get their boobs out. Even Sunshine, which is the most desperate you can get.

John James and Josie have a minor row in the bathroom, and Govan emerges from the toilet. The game playing is intensifying. Govan tells Shabby what Ben told John. Did that make sense? Shabby goes all-out for a confrontation, tackles Josie and John in the bathroom and they tell her she “rubbed her hands” in glee at the argument between Josie and John. Shabby’s timer starts ticking down.

Ben, stroking Dave’s arm decides to run for cover. He suggests he might be better going to bed. Too late. Shabby comes out and confronts him. “Grow the fuck up, Ben man. You’re thirty years old. Stop acting like a bell end.” Ben then whinges that John betrayed him. Is this the angstiest Big Brother ever?

Shabby accuses Ben of not being John’s friend – he wouldn’t have said something that would hurt John by telling him that. Mario tries to pretend that Ben is a nice guy and full of sweetness and light…all the time rubbing his back. Is Mario that naive, or is he just hoping to get it on with Ben? That’s a bloody weird relationship.

The girls later dissect the situation later – Shabby claiming that Mario is thinking with his cock and that their collective opinion of him has gone downhill. Mario is still touchy-feelying Ben and trying to comfort him. Mario lies that Ben’s not suffered in terms of popularity. While he touches Ben’s leg.

We end with a brilliant quote from Shabby – “People don’t hate you because you’re posh. People hate you because you’re horrible.”

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  1. strattso

    I think that tonight’s show was great. has it  sorted anything out or changed my mind about anyone?   Nope!!! 

    It did reassure me, that my feelings about  JJ has been confirmed. He is a ticking time Bomb. What is his problem? The best bit for me, was when Josie stood her ground, and told him a few home truths, did he lay into her and give her some of the verbals  that he gave Rachael…… NO he slunk away and cried AWE!!!!! Bless.

    She is a real spitfire, and she will not take any rubbish from him Good Girl. I am warming to her, in fact I have been seeing her in a different light over the past 3 days. Corin is a great lady, she is another HM that is on my short list for the final. Along with Nathan. He is just an ordinary guy who says it as it is.  Ben is beginning to grate on my nerves, and I am sorry to say so is Mario, He keeps telling Ben that he will shield him, against the other HMs whilst touching him, stroking his back etc. It is making me cringe, and becoming a tad obvious that he has an agenda. 

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Yes, I didn’t know what to make of Josie at the start. I like that she disarmed John James so effectively. He wants to take offense at people, but only turns on the girls. Did you notice how he sat silent when the majority of the housemates were pointing out Ben’s ulterior motive to him? He wouldn’t yell at another guy the same way he yelled at Josie or Rachael.

      Mario. He’s got to stop with that constantly touching Ben. And Ben’s usually wrapped around big Dave somewhere too, which is disconcerting. And sometimes all three are lying in physically intimate situations, often in the nest. They’re unusually close, and I don’t understand their dynamic. Particularly Dave, who’s married with kids. But Mario’s freaking me out…what does he think he’s achieving?

  2. strattso

    I agree wholeheartedly with you about the three amigo’s. I can not quite work out why Dave sits and cuddles Ben and Mario. I honestly think that Dave does what he thinks will go down favourably with the viewing public. He is up for eviction again this week, and watching the live feed, there are quite a few HMs who think that he is working the public. I may be way off the mark, time will tell I suppose.

  3. Trudy

    Watching the way Mario keeps cuddling and touching Ben is really creepy and I would even say Pervy. Why doesn’t Ben tell him to f**k off and leave him alone I cannot decide whether Ben secretly likes it, why else would he put up with it.

    Dave well he needs to leave and I cannot be convinced that he is a vicar was he ordained at one of the mickey mouse places.  For someone who is so anti-gay as you say Gerard he is always cuddling Ben and Mario what is going on?

    I am changing my opinion of Mario which is a shame as when he was the mole he was funny and entertaining now I just see him as pervy.

    My winner is still the Talking Tree lol.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Yes, Mario’s a total creep. I saw him rubbing Nathan’s shoulders the other day and wondered why people don’t just tell him to bog off. He’s got no sense of personal space, and I’m sorry, but I assume other gay men just don’t randomly walk up to folk and start massaging them. If I did that to a random hot woman in the street, I’d get a handbag in the face!

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