Big Brother 2010, Day 13 – Nominations day!

Whoops. Big Brother screws up sound. Has to start again, to the amusement of us couch potatoes!

We discover that [[Nathan Dunn|Nathan]] is a sunbed user. I’d have believed it about [[Corin Forshaw|Corin]], but not hairy man.

[[Ben Duncan|Ben]]’s bitching in the bathroom as his hareem begin their early-morning round of hugging and general oddly close behaviour. It’s only a matter of time before they start licking each other’s faces. He commands them to stick to him like glue today. [[John James Parton|John James]] comes over to Ben and apologises for whatever he said. He whispers “I’ll stick by you” to Ben. What is Ben? The Godfather?

[[Shabby Katchadourian|Shabby]] and [[Caoimhe Guilfoyle|Caoimhe]] talk about John James in the bedroom with Josie. They talk about his “nervous disposition”. [[Josie Gibson|Josie]] resolves to be extra nice to him. And then Josie takes that straight out to John and asks him if he’s got low self-esteem. He reveals that he was picked on by girls in his school for being a “little midget bullfighter”. Interesting choice of nickname.

Brilliantly, Josie tells him she thought he was an angry little man. Then takes it back before he loses it!


  • Ben: Govan, he enjoys watching the fallout of people’s problems. Shabby, she has this charisma, she loves drama, she loves fights, she loves fallouts.
  • Caoimhe: Sunshine, she gets on my nerves and she’s a bit of an attention seeker. Ben, going behind people’s backs and bitching about people.
  • Corin: Ben, he doesn’t really take other people’s feelings into consideration. Mario, for streaking about.
  • [[Dave Vaughan|Dave]]: Govan, really trying to play the game, can’t be trusted. A lot of the time his motives aren’t pure. Shabby, she overreacts, volatile person.
  • [[Govan Zachariah Hinds|Govan]]: Dave, every time there’s a situation he’s involved. Ben, the only person who’s behaved in a way that warrants nomination.
  • [[Ife Kuku|Ife]]: Ben, comments he’s made lead me to believe he’s trying to influence people’s opinions about other housemates. Dave, for his comment about same-sex marriages.
  • JJ: Caoimhe, for eavesdropping on people’s conversations. Shabby, because he’s friends with Ben. And Shabby wouldn’t accept Ben’s apology.
  • Josie: Dave, for his disapproval of gay marriage. Ben, for his underhanded, sneaky treatment of Shabby
  • [[Mario Mugan|Mario]]: Govan, for setting off the argument between Ben, Shabby and John. Shabby, for not accepting apology.
  • Nathan: Sunshine, she gets on my wick. Nothing ever seems to be good enough. Ben, I think he’s got an ulterior motive and he’s constantly whispering to people.
  • Shabby: Ben, he’s manipulative, snake in the grass. People dislike you because you’re horrible. Dave, feel like he’s come here to preach. I don’t want his views thrust upon me. He’s saying gay people do not have the same rights as straight people.
  • [[Steve Gill|Steve]]: Govan, goes from one group to another, causing factions in the camp. Ben, he’s just rubbing people up the wrong way.
  • [[Sunshine Martin|Sunshine]]: Caoimhe, for not making an effort to get to know her. Nathan, for hogging the kitchen. I would like the ability to make something in the kitchen without asking his permission.

The result of the nominations? Ben, 8 nominations, Ben, Govan and Shabby got 4 each. They’re up for eviction next week.

Tree Time

The Tree of Temptation introduces himself to Scabby, as he calls her. He tells her to hang out with Ben until five o’clock and pay him compliments. “Listen, Scabby, I’ve seen you on Casualty, you’re gonna need all your acting skills…” “Oh yeah, stop saying heinous. It gives me splinters.” Gotta love the Tree!

She goes straight to Ben to begin her secret task. Proper good actress this one, she approaches him with her guard down, and he opens up to her. He tells her that he thinks of himself as “quirky” and that he thought they’d get along on that basis. He really is a brown-nosing, insincere git.

Hilariously, she gets tired of listening to his rambling, and keeps asking what time it is. Clearly the girl’s clock-watching! The problem is, she hasn’t complimented Ben yet, which is a requirement of her task. She drops it in…”Come for a smoke with us…I’m quite enjoying your company today.” I think Caoimhe knows somethings up when Shabby’s being so nice to him!

She meets the Tree and he tells her that she forgot to compliment Ben 20 times. He gives her an extra half an hour to do it, and adds the need to bear hug him for at least a minute. She does it, but you can tell she’s counting the seconds in her head! Ben hasn’t got a clue what’s going on. Shabby literally breaks contact with him just after the minute’s up.

We’re multi-layered onions, apparently.

Shabby’s so literal. She leaves the room immediately after the twentieth compliment and gets rewarded by the Tree – a dinner date with Caoimhe!


Ben’s hosting his own version of the Jerry Springer show while Shabby and Caoimhe get called to the Diary Room for their ‘unexpected’ dinner date. Caoimhe role plays the dutiful wife, asking Shabby if she had a hard day at work. This is going to ramp up Shabby’s lesbian fantasies.

Is Caoimhe playing up the bisexual angle for Shabby? She keeps referencing ‘times’ in her past when she’s been attracted to girls. The two eventually stumble back out of the Diary Room, slightly tipsy.

Shabby enquires hopefully if Caoimhe’s boyfriend will be pissed off about them spending so much time together. She says no. Shabby confesses to being still besotted with her. Caoimhe offers to back off. Shabby goes and hides under a duvet in the bedroom.

Caoimhe then complains to Big Brother that he’s messing with Shabby’s head. She says she’s ‘taken’ and it’s not fair for her. Shabby claims the feeling’s mutual, and on the strength of that Diary Room clip, she might be on to something. Do you think Caoimhe’s starting to get confused about her feelings?

A tearful Shabby goes to the Diary Room herself after a while. Caoimhe’s laughing at her, but only because she’s uncomfortable with the situation. Shabby says “Lesbians have feelings too”. Okay. She rightly points out that Caoimhe is sending her mixed messages – why doesn’t she just say she’s not interested, keeping her boyfriend happy and ending the discussion once and for all.

Hmm. The Caoimhe and Shabby show continues. I’m starting to get a little tired of the drama now, but I’m secretly rooting for these two to get it on. Shabby breaks the Tree’s rule about not telling anyone about the task – she tells Caoimhe. Caoimhe cackles with laughter when she hears what the task was. Shabby says out loud that she’s looking forward to the Tree’s wrath, but it’s not her who’s going to get punished!

Tune in tomorrow for our next highlights liveblog post!

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  1. Rosie-Lee

    I was racking my brains about the voice of the tree, when he was talking to Scabby Kajagoogoo (Lol).  It reminded me of the guy who played Spider in Corrie, Emily’s nephew. 


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