Big Brother 2010, Day 15 – What’s been happening?

Yes, I’m aware we missed last night’s Big Brother highlights post. Sometimes you need a night off, y’know? Don’t worry, I still caught the episode, but like a lot of people, I got a little tired of the Shabby Show, even though I like the girl. So I took a day off writing “Shabby storms out of the room…”

Big Brother gives the housemates a backwards day, waking them up to a curry and beer breakfast. Awesomeness!

Quite a boring task today – the housemates have to construct a key and open a lock and blah blah blah luxury budget.

More importantly, Sunshine throws a glass of water around John James, and he doesn’t decapitate her. In fact, it becomes some weird antipodean mating ritual where he tries to throw her in the pool and is generally flirty with her. Ewwww.

Josie goes to the Diary Room and spills the beans on house romances. She says she feels sorry for Shabby being stuck in the house with someone she really fancies. More interestingly, Ife is doing some form of leg lifts in the garden.

Fast forward past Ben defending his egg consumption. Sunshine is in the bedroom with John. She admits to having had only two boyfriends in her life. She reveals her killer chat-up line “Walking up to a guy and saying ‘You’re hot’.” Sometimes they’ll say she’s hot too.

Praise the lords! Shabbytime! I hadn’t realised the episode had been so dull until I saw Shabby’s dark-ringed eyes.

Dave goes to the Diary Room and waffles a lot of crap about rivers of joy flowing from his belly. Notice how he talks more about his love of the Lord when he’s in the Diary Room. John James feels like Dave ramps up the godtalk when he’s up for nomination. I think Dave should get voted off.

Oops, they start talking conspiracies and nominations. That’s Shabby, John, Caoimhe and Ife.

Ife complains that she feels like a gooseberry to Shabby and Caoimhe. Shabby wastes no time telling her that she only has eyes for Caoimhe, then storms off because the whole thing is sooo damn juvenile.

Ben and John have a discussion about politics. Capitalism versus Communism. Ben wants an elite few to rule the masses. John James wants everybody to have equal power. The empty-headed idealist. Interestingly, John poses the question does Ben think there should be a ‘ruler’ in the house. Which is an interesting question – what if there was a hierarchy in the Big Brother house?

The housemates continue their lame Krypton Factor key task. They construct the key and take it to the Diary Room. Govan is given the key to open the safe. The message is simply that Big Brother has an announcement. The announcement is that the housemates have completed the task and won a luxury food budget. The rest of the message is that because housemates have been discussing nominations again, they’ve lost the luxury and are put on basic rations until further notice.

And because Big Brother has named the culprits, there’s a shiver of tension running through the house. Shabby in particular could do without being wrapped up in another Big Brother punishment.

John for some reason flips out completely at Ben for nominating Sunshine. Runs to the Diary Room for his ‘calm me down’ meds.

Then, completely unexpectedly, Big Brother calls Ben to the Diary Room and talks to him about the two nominations discussions he had after Big Brother warned the housemates. Big Brother is punishing all the housemates for this – taking away their hot water. Ben asks Big Brother to keep it quiet that he caused the punishment, but when Big Bro fails to give him an assurance, he comes clean to the others about the punishment.

Oooh, I need to go and lie down now. I’m so tired from all the overwrought emotion of those housemates. And I’m torn between voting out Dave for his psycho religious ramblings or voting out Ben for being a generally slimy ringleader. The Disciples of Ben will be like headless chickens if he gets evicted!

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  1. strattso

    I am really disappointed with BB.  I had high hopes for this final year, but it has become extremely stagnated and samey. Ben says something,  We see very little of the tasks, and what we are shown is hardly entertaining. If it continues in this vein, I doubt that I will continue to watch. The spark has gone, and its as if they are  just going through the motions of playing out the last programme.  I am very sad because, they could have gone out with a bang, but at the moment its  a miserable whimper.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I have to agree with you. There’ve been a couple of nights lately where I just couldn’t be bothered tuning in. Or, I may have tuned in, but can’t be compelled to write about it.

      I want Ben to go tonight, to really stir that little group up a bit. They’re a tight bunch of game players, but I can’t stand any one of them. And Ben’s voice and half-closed eyes drive me up the walls.

  2. Trudy

    I have to agree there have been nights I haven’t watched because it’s more or less the same each night and this is so unusual for me. My poor hubby thinks I am ill when he says do you want to watch the highlights and I say no watch what you want, his mouth drops in disbelief and shock horror. It doesn’t take him long to turn over though before I change my mind, he is not a BB fan lol.

    I am hoping that BB will start introducing some interesting tasks or twists to liven it up as we are only in the first few weeks.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Haven’t watched it since the last eviction on Friday night. But it’s been a busy weekend in this neck of the woods. Still, I can’t say I’m missing it, though I’ll have to start writing about it again on Monday!

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