Big Brother 2010 – Day 2, The Update

Welcome to our liveblog for the Day 2 highlights of Big Brother. I’ll be typing my comments and take on the latest goings on, updating at every ad break. Leave your comments as usual under this post!

A sleepy [[Mario Mugan|Mario]] is talking to Big Brother about his task. He says he’d enjoy it more if he wasn’t in danger of eviction. And he seems to have a minor crush on [[Ben Duncan|Ben]].

In bed, Josie asks Govan what he’d do if one of them accidentally wet the bed? “Moi first noight and I’ look like a right munter.”

Mario remains the center of attention as the housemates talk about his role as the mole. He deflects their questions, giving a theory that the costume is meant to distract the housemates from something else that’s going to happen. Shrewd [[Ife Kuku|Ife]] suspects the beach ball of being something to do with Big Brother.

Ben confides to the cameras that he gets on well with Mario and that they’ve had some good conversations. But he’s still uncomfortable and describes communal living as ‘tricky’, bemoaning that there are very few places to hide. Hilariously, Big Brother flicks to Ben and Mario ‘in the closet’ just after the break. Very clever.

[[Sunshine Martin|Sunshine]] talks about being a vegan and clears up that issue of whether eating honey is acceptable. Thanks for that, Sunshine. But, but, but…

The First Ever Task!

A ginormous contraption is delivered to the Big Brother garden. It’s a massive table and chairs attached to a metal rig. They notice the seatbelts and deduce that it’s going into the air. Big Brother announces that they’re going to have a 3 course meal above the house. Bet that went down well in Elstree!

Sunshine opts to stay on the ground for her part of the task. The rest of the housemates get dressed up in dinner wear. Disappointingly, there’s a lvie cameraman standing in the middle of the rig. S’pose they couldn’t rig the remote cameras on that type of setup.

In the air, [[Shabby Katchadourian|Shabby]] confides in [[John James Parton|John James]] what the ball said, but removes the names to protect the innocent. They ask a pertinent question of Mario: are you a proper housemate or are you in limbo?

On the ground, Sunshine has to draw tabloid quotes about the housemates that have appeared in the papers that day. They miss the first one – “Big Boob Babe”. Maybe not a good idea to do a pig for ‘Babe’. The next one is about Shabby being a squatter. The third one they mess up as well, but get “Hunky Trio” too late.

The fourth one is good, it’s “Wannabes” as depicted by a sketch of the Spice Girls. That was very smart. Getting two correct won the housemates £200 for groceries.

Shopping list

[[Rachael White|Rachael]] dips out of cooking responsibilities by saying she can’t cook. What’s more alarming is that she looks a little like Jade Goody when she wears glasses. Some smart arse suggests they start with the alcohol shopping first.

Rachael’s bitchin’ in the kitchen about Sunshine wanting to buy vegan food separately to the other housemates. Miaow. Her analogy comparing vegan food to her own desire for cosmetics doesn’t come off well.

[[Steve Gill|Steve]] shocks us all with the revelation that he’s got a 2 year old in a conversation with [[Josie Gibson|Josie]]. He’s also a grandfather.

Sunshine delivers the shopping list to Big Brother in the Diary Room. She justifies the shopping budget to the others on the basis that they didn’t have much money, and no-one else wanted to get involved in the shopping. She issues an ultimatum: if you’ve got a problem with it, you can do the shopping next week.

Ife’s wigs

Yes, she’s got loads of ’em. She pops wigs on all the nearby housemates. But Dave doesn’t actually need one. Rachael and [[Govan Zachariah Hinds|Govan]] are in the garden, bitching about Sunshine and Dave. Govan tells her that Ben’s been eyeing her up. They both like Shabby though. Even though they think she looks like a tramp. Govan predicts that Shabby’s one of the people who’ll kick off after a while.

Rachael has her first Diva Moment when she discovers that they haven’t got access to hair straighteners. She goes into the bedroom to bitch to Sunshine about the disaster that her hair will become.

Talking in the bedroom, [[Nathan Dunn|Nathan]] tells the others that he doesn’t think there are any potential couples in the house. Let’s see, shall we?

Mario plays a blinder when he claims to be “worried about this mole situation”. He distracts Josie and Sunshine by saying he thinks Big Brother is going to have other people doing bad things and him getting the blame. I like it. That’s got to be some of the best faking out ever seen on Big Brother.

Scarily, Ife points at the bathroom chest of drawers and says “remember that Tree of Temptation?” What if it says things to us? That’s so weird, isn’t it?

The same Tree of Temptation decides to collar Mario again, giving him a new task. This time, he has to throw the vegetables from the shopping into the pool. He’s got to pin the blame on someone else. And for arguing, the Tree tells him to throw the bread in as well. Oo-er!

Govan tells Big Brother that Mario definitely seems to have a crush on Ben. This could be interesting. Is it unrequited? One of the girls visits Mario in the mole hole. It’s [[Caoimhe Guilfoyle|Caoimhe]]. There’s a bit of a discussion outside the hole about how much trouble they’d get in for being inside Mario’s hole. Er…mole hole.

Oh dear. Mario chooses the wee small hours to emerge to do his task. But he’s naked apart from a pair of naff blue pants. He sneaks to the kitchen to get the veg and bread he has to destroy.

Someone in the bedroom has a massive snoring problem. That’s going to become irritating, I bet.

There’s a good bit of cutting going on here, as Mario tries to empty the bags without getting caught. Somebody’s being roused by the snoring. It looks like a possibility Mario might get caught. Another smart move by the mole though – he plants the carrier bag in someone’s washbag in the bathroom. He’s cunning. Like the fox.

Still, the episode closes with Sunshine (and Caoimhe) guessing that Mario’s task may have been grocery sabbotage. Do you think they’ll confront him? Watch this space.

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  1. Trudy

    I really hope that the mole doesn’t get evicted he is a laugh and I think if he stays he will end up having a relationship with the tree of drawers  lol.

    I love the Tree of drawers.

  2. Trudy

    Where are all the big brother fans it’s too quiet I cannot chat with anyone. Oh well I am going to go and talk to my drawers lol

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Don’t fret Trudy, I’m here. Just frantically scribbling down my thoughts above!

      Not sure I care a lot about Mario right now. He’s definitely very clever – he’s covered his story very well, although I think the cracks will begin to show soon.

  3. David

    I’m really surprised at how much I am loving this series so far, I know it’s only early days but if things carry on like this it could be the best BB since BB7 in my opinion. Tonight’s episode was really entertaining and Steve trying on Ife’s wig and his snoring pissing everyone off was hilarious. I loved the editing when Mario was doing his task, it would be all quiet one minute and then it would suddenly cut to roof raising snoring with some housemates getting up looking very agitated. BRILLIANT. xD I think all the housemates this year have something to add to the house, like them or not, although I have to admit most of my first impressions are changing and I actually really like most of them now, but things will probably kick off soon once someone nicks someone else’s drink or dosent flush the tiolet after themselves. 😛

  4. Rosie-Lee

    Watching Mario trying to achieve his task, and tippy toeing around the BB house like Inspector Clouseau in blue pants, made he laugh out loud.  The lad is a real trooper.  I hope he doesn’t get rumbled.

    I still can’t bring myself to be positive about Shabby.  I just find her terribly irritating and very loudly “me me me”.  She is bound to grate on the others unless she calms down.  But I don’t think she does calm.

    Ife is really on the ball, I think she might be contender.   Rachel is lovely to look at but grating to listen to.  I quite like Dave, but can’t figure out why.  Sunshine is a bit of a drip.   The others are still a bit hazy to me as yet.

  5. slaneyvalley

    I’m not sure who I like or dislaike this year, so far. But Mario is bringing a smile to my face. Very cunning with the tasks and pretty smart at keeping the others guessing. I hope he succeeds and becomes a regular HM.

    Mario the Mole does beg one question (with me). I have wondered if his name being pulled out of the tombola was actually a fix. The more tasks I see the Temptation Drawer give him and the physical aspects to that task makes me think that Mario might well have been chosen in advance. I can’t imagine how Amin (described as the Iranian Dwarf) or the girl on crutches would have been (physically) able to carry out the tasks required. I think Mario was deliberatly picked for his mental ability and his agility to move quick.

  6. Trudy

    I am loving the Moles antics with the Speaking drawers and this has been a good start to the series, I do hope he will become a housemate as he deserves it.  I hope though that when he is a housemate the others understand he was trying to win his place in the house and not be rotten to him.


    Too early to decide on the housemates as I haven’t seen enough of it yet but I am enjoying it.

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