Big Brother 2010, Day 20 – Duck’s Ass and Nominations

Welcome back to our Big Brother highlights liveblog! Sorry I’ve gone off the boil on this a little bit.

Today starts with Ife and Nathan having a gurn about the messy house. Nathan talks about Shabby’s moods and her general reluctance to help out around the house. They move on to Sunshine and her mirror obsession and her constant Lady Gaga impersonations. Ife labels her an “attention seeker”. Aren’t they all?

Ben is shaving his puny chest, but Mario the Molester takes over and finds the room to make a quip about wishing Ben preferred anal. Sunshine still fails to see how ridiculous it is that she’s changed her name essentially for Big Brother, but will revert to her real name if she picks up a medical career.

Ife talks to Josie about John James having a crush on her. Josie’s quite shrewd though, because she notes that John James is totally out of her league.


  1. Ben – 1) Nathan – I find it difficult the way he has an iron fist control over the kitchen. 2) Shabby – I still consider her to be a divisive figure.
  2. Caoimhe – 1) Dave – I’m getting sick of his voicing of his opinions, like he’s trying to promote religion in here. Also, he’s a bit of lick arse. 2) Sunshine – she’s an attention seeker and thinks everything should revolve around her.
  3. Corin – 1) John James – he should control his temper more. 2) Mario – it annoys me everything he talks about seems to be about sex. Sick of hearing about it.
  4. Dave – 1) Shabby – her mood swings are difficult to deal with. The atmosphere changes quite radically when she’s around. 2) Caoimhe – she’s another one that can just flip at the turn of a switch.
  5. Ife – 1) Dave – I heard that Dave said yeah, we’re just knocking them off one by one. 2) Sunshine – for not sharing the crisps.
  6. John James – 1) Ben – Sunshine was in his group and it came out that he’d nominated her. I lost respect and trust in him. 2) Dave – he says unsettling things and when Govan was eliminated he said the public were on his side.
  7. Josie – 1) Dave – for the taking them out one by one comment. 2) Sunshine – because she refused to share her crisps.
  8. Mario – 1) Corin – I don’t see any kind of intellectual stimulation from her. 2) Shabby – she’s so mercurial with her temper. She leaves a ripple of everybody being uncomfortable.
  9. Nathan – 1) Sunshine – she irritates the shit out of me with her posing. She’s always acting up for the cameras. 2) Dave – the comment about same sex marriages really annoyed me. Little things, he just irritates me.
  10. Shabby – 1) Sunshine – she’s greedy and selfish and a bit tight-fisted. 2) Dave – I’m not religious at all, but I find his take on religion…he’s basically created his own religion and in this religion this God does nothing but get him drunk and help him out on reality TV shows. If I was a Christian, I’d be massively offended by that.
  11. Steve – 1) Caoimhe – for the fact that she constantly rule-breaks and doesn’t put effort into tasks. 2) Shabby – because of her lack of cleanliness in the kitchen. And also the tantrums.
  12. Sunshine – 1) Caoimhe – for calling her tight. 2) Shabby – she made me feel like the worst person in the world for not sharing the crisps.
  • Dave – 6 nominations
  • Shabby, Sunshine – 5 nominations

Corin implores Sunshine to go topless with her. Looks like little Corin is a bit self-conscious about her boobies and needs a buddy for extra confidence.

Mario is rambling about his spirituality when Ben invites Josie across to sit with them. Mario gets immensely pissy about this because he wanted Ben all to himself. This has the effect of making Josie feel quite the gooseberry. Miaow…

Shabby suggests that Caoimhe has got quite competitive in the game. She also says that Caoimhe is being overly spiteful toward Sunshine. Caoimhe defends herself and calls Sunshine “completely spoilt”, which she is. Shabby claims that she wants to understand Caoimhe better, but it looks like a few cracks are beginning to show in their relationship.

The Big Brother Boozer

A drinking game from Big Brother – the housemates must down a half-yard of a drink in 90 seconds. For each housemate who successfully does this, Nathan gets to stand a step closer to the pub dartboard.

Josie really gets the short straw – fish water. John James gets something spicy. And Nathan gets close enough to the board to score a…16. No idea what it won them.

John James and Josie have a fun bit of flirting/playfighting in the garden. Shabby and Caoimhe tease her in a playground stylee.

Shabby’s in the Diary Room moaning that Caoimhe’s avoiding her. There’s a brief talk with Steve in the next about his legs. Ben asks him about lifelike prosthetics.

Dave gets his bible. John James asks him how he can read that shit. Dave sniffs the book. He’s such a freako. 20 minutes in, Dave is acting completely drunk. The rest of the housemates are bitching about him and his hyper-stupid religion. John James is ready to declare open warfare on Dave. Rightly so. Dave – and sorry to break this to any Dave fans out there – is a complete arsehole.

Professional pundits Shabby and Caoimhe decide that Dave has serious issues, while Mario comments to Big Brother that the seeds of suspicion between John and Dave are sown now. He sees it as a divisive issue. The thing about Mario’s crew is they don’t care about anyone outside their clique and when one of their own behaves like an ass, they’ll take his side without even questioning it.

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