Big Brother 2010, Day 21 – Tipping beds, hats and tantrums

Ben gets a rude awakening this morning as Big Brother’s evil tipping beds activate and he gets slowly turfed out of the sack. John James ribs him by saying Ben’s the only person in the house who wouldn’t laugh at that. It incites a full scale tongue lashing from Ben – who says “You’re a lovely guy, but you’re so stupid.”

The pair argue and the home truths start to be told. John James tells him “To be honest, I think your life’s a joke, but I wouldn’t tell you that.” Erm, you just did, John…

Caoimhe turns peacemaker. She tells them they’re both being arseholes. Essentially. I’m paraphrasing here. Ife turns Braveheart with an epic speech to Big Brother. “You can take away my hot water, you can take away my food, you can take away my clothes…but don’t take away the tobacco. Because that is unacceptable. That is an addiction.” Big Brother comes to a deal with her. She has to get the housemates to hand over some of their personal stuff.

She rushes to convene a house meeting to collect the swag for Big Brother. Shabby has a wee moan about Ife being anal. She explains the deal. Corin looks freaky with only one eyebrow drawn on. And Shabby refuses to give over her hat. Dave offers to give something up. But Ife’s missing the crucial ingredient if she can’t get Shabby’s hat.

Oh no. Shabby’s gone on another tantrum. She’s hiding in a corner of the garden weeping about how evil the housemates are. John James doesn’t help much when he tells her she can’t trust anyone.

Josie goes into the Diary Room to vent about John James. He’s driving her mad. She does a mean impersonation of him too. “Jose, Jose, I don’t loike being taken advantage of…”

Later on, Shabby’s worked out an alternative sacrifice which she hopes will make up for the hat. Big Brother doesn’t accept it though, and gives Josie a second chance to retrieve all the items. Shabby argues to hold on to her hat. It’s her grandfathers hat, and she doesn’t want to go through an eviction without it. She grudgingly gives it up, but cries her eyes out. And now it’s Caoimhe’s fault and Shabby’s going mental in the nest. Can we swap some more stuff for a straightjacket, please Big Brother?

Shabby continues her certifiable behaviour in the Diary Room, crushing her photos and blaming Caoimhe as well. She yells “It’s my lucky hat!!!” Love the smirk on Caoimhe’s face as the tantrum continues. This has got to be the angstiest Big Brother ever. Any minute now, Shabby’s clothes will start to burst at the seams and she’ll turn into ShabbyHulk. Shabby may have twigged on to the fact that Caoimhe was using her. I think she may be onto something there.

Ife gets the tobacco, but everybody’s on tenterhooks around her. Sullen Shabby accepts a smoke. We pray that it’ll calm her down.

The nominations are announced: Dave, Sunshine and Shabby in case you missed the news. The save and replace task is imminent. Shabby storms off. Again.

It’s one of those sliding piece puzzles. The first housemate to complete their puzzle is exempt from the eviction and can choose someone else to take their place. The shiny red suits are back in full effect. Dave’s nipple is poking through the suit in a disconcerting way. It must have an urgent message from The Lord.

Now Dave gets to choose another housemate to face the public vote. Drat. He chooses Caoimhe without any ceremony and she – in the tradition of her best bud Shabby – storms off. Shabby, after saying that she thought Caoimhe was using her, runs after her to comfort her. Mario, the Official Ambassador for Team Ben, comes over to Caoimhe to make sure that there are no hard feelings.

Dave approaches Caoimhe later and apologises for picking her. She tells him not to lick her arse. She says “I don’t like to think you’re being fake with people, telling them you love them one minute, and voting for them the next.” She parts with a jab at him – “It’s cool, the Lord saved you.”

Shabby’s in the Diary Room. She wants to leave, please. It ain’t that easy, love. She says she’s sick of having dramas all the time. She’s concerned that she can’t control her rage and talks about how she’s unsure of Caoimhe after today. She acknowledges that she’s the least popular female housemate. On the positive side, she says she’s made friends with John James. And then leaves, seemingly having forgotten about her request to leave the house.

Oh, she hasn’t. She tells John James about her request. Josie later comments that John James is loving being at the center of Shabby’s drama for some reason. Caoimhe’s bitchy about it and knows that Shabby’s annoyed with her. She’s still clinging to this idea that if Caoimhe got evicted, she’d leave the house too. And clearly the feeling isn’t mutual.

Josie tells John James that he needs to be more positive. Shabby tells Caoimhe she requested to leave and Caoimhe tells her she wants to leave too. Rubbish. I don’t believe it. She’s stringing the clown girl along. Most definitely.

Psst…who do you think’s going to get evicted this week?

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