Big Brother 2010, Day 22 – Every tree of temptation has its thorn

It’s day 22 in the Big Brother house. Shabby’s slept on it and will be operating in Zen mode at least until after breakfast. Her first tantrum is scheduled for 10am. She tells Big Brother that she’s rethought her rather rash decision to leave. Quelle surprise. She’s leaving it up to the public to decide who leaves.

Dave, Ben and Mario are lounging in the lounge, being their usual tactile selves. Ben is giving a lecture on some evil dude. Mario tells Ben that he’s starting to doubt his intelligence because he doesn’t think some dictator should be killed for his crimes against humanity.

Shabby talks up her oral sex abilities. Caoimhe claims she’s not into oral. Shabby claims she’d love her oral sex. Ooo-er.

The Tree of Temptation tells Ben that he can win back everybody’s suitcases by telling everybody that he’s an arm-wrestling champion. The Tree charmingly calls him “Oi, you! The one with four different haircuts on his head!” I love that tree. “Man up, Ben!” So he’s got to challenge everybody to an arm-wrestling competition and has to beat at least one of the girls.

John James talks about Josie’s armpit hair with her. They move on to talk about Shabby wanting to leave, and Josie seems annoyed about people giving up a massive opportunity. He’s taking the devil’s advocate route, but Josie sees it as he’s picking a fight. She holds her opinion and basically tells him to show her a bit more respect.

Josie’s developing quite the love hate relationship with John James. She’s still hanging about with him, but he continually drives her nuts.

The funny thing about an argument with John James is that he gets deep into these rows and the bickering goes round and round in circles until I – as the viewer – can’t even remember what the original argument was about in the first place. This confuses me and leads me to think he just likes to fight with people.

Shabby and Caoimhe get drunk and flirty. Somewhere in Dublin, Caoimhe’s boyfriend wonders if he could suggest a threesome and what exactly his role in proceedings might be. Shabby goes to the Diary Room to confess her love for Caoimhe. And despite thinking she was being played for a fool the other day, she seems to think that the feeling is nearly mutual.

Ife tells Caoimhe to be careful, or else she’ll be accused of leading Shabby on.

The Tree catches Ben in the bathroom and gives him a right old earbashing. Tells him that instead of growing some balls, his have practically retracted inside him. This is brilliant stuff, award winning dialogue from a cupboard. Ben tries to talk back and the Tree shouts him down. It’s ludicrous how a grown man is standing in a bathroom talking to a cupboard. The Tree gives him a clue to his punishment for failing his mission – he’s a joke.

John James tries to throw Sunshine in the pool for throwing water around him. When she comes back out to grumble at them, Mario tells her to look at them and not at the mirror. She blows it all out of proportion and claims she’s leaving. She’s walking out. While smiling at the drama she’s created and pretending to be the victim in the piece.

Corin is discussing nocturnal nose-picking with Big Brother. Big Brother is clearly bored with Corin’s air-headed drivel. Sunshine, to put the icing on the top of her self-created drama, goes to the Diary Room to ensure maximum coverage. She sits down on the floor of the room to ‘avoid’ the camera. Big Brother calls Mario into the room to talk her down.

Time to start a chant of “Get Sunshine Out!”

Later, John James gets called to the Diary Room to explain himself. He reasonably explains that Sunshine threw water around him, so clearly she was expecting some degree of horseplay. For her to throw a tantrum when he goes for revenge is unfair. Big Bro tells him the behaviour is unacceptable, even if it wasn’t his intention. He holds his ground – he says he’ll apologise once, and once only. I don’t think he’s happy, and Sunshine may have just made herself an important enemy in the house.

The aftermath is that Ife thinks Sunshine has made a tit of herself. Josie thinks she feels silly for trying to flirt with him. I think Sunshine’s a complete tool. John James is too, but he didn’t instigate the thing – it was Sunshine throwing water around him, and if she couldn’t take it, she shouldn’t have dished it out.

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  1. slaneyvalley

    I just love the ‘T of T.’ A comic moment, which couldn’t be scripted, with the drawer and Ben. It is almost a case of “You shut up,” “No you shut up.” I’m loving this Tree and didn’t think I would. I hope it gives Steve something to do.

  2. Trudy

    I love the tree and the arguments it has with the housemates, can you imagine watching the show back and seeing yourself talking to a tree how hilarious.  The tree should be voted this years winner as it is the most entertaining thing there.


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