Big Brother 2010 – Day 3, The Update

Hi guys! Welcome back for another Big Brother 2010 highlights liveblog edition. Mario’s mole task continues, but as the tasks get more ridiculous, the suspicion of the housemates seems to be turning toward him. Let’s see what happens in Day 3…

[[Corin Forshaw|Corin]] breaks the bad news to everybody that the vegetables are in the pool. Ife goes out to have a gawk at the drowned veg, and admits that she found the packet in her make-up bag. They instantly suspect Big Brother, and [[Sunshine Martin|Sunshine]] points her finger at the mole.

Corin and [[Nathan Dunn|Nathan]] gamely go in the pool an retrieve the soaking groceries.

[[John James Parton|John James]] accuses [[Mario Mugan|Mario]] of doing the deed. Mario innocently suggests that it was his food too. He also claims he heard people clomping around in the garden during the night. Oh, this guy is the best liar ever. If they hadn’t put that costume on him, he’d have gotten away with it much easier.

Sunshine and [[Dave Vaughan|Dave]] give Mario a thorough investigation. She asks him to look her in the eyes, and notes that liars’ eyes shift when they’re lying. Dave tells him he’s treading a fine line if he’s lying, but ultimately decides that Mario couldn’t be lying. Sunshine looks less convinced.

[[Caoimhe Guilfoyle|Caoimhe]] consoles Mario about Ben being heterosexual. Brilliantly, she comforts him by telling him that he won’t be the only gay in the house. Big Brother will parachute another gay in for you, don’t worry.

Steve talks to Josie in the garden about his time in the army, the explosion in Belfast that stole his legs and having his first child the next year at the age of 20. He claims he never experienced post-traumatic stress from the incident.

Later, Shabby is holding court in the living room. She’s got a killer conspiracy theory: there are other housemates hidden somewhere in the house. Secret rooms? It’s a great theory. Unfortunately, it’s wrong. She wants to storm into the Diary Room and confront Big Brother (for all the good that it’ll do). But she’s exposed a great working knowledge of the show, and formed a very detailed, elaborate theory.

Dressing up…

Task time, and the housemates are given chests of clothes and a few minutes to put everything on. It’s a getting dressed task. Brilliantly, [[Rachael White|Rachael]] suggests that they’ll play the Benny Hill music over the sequence, and they do! Nice touch, Big Bro!

It’s a shock to discover that the housemates voted Dave (yes, the monk costume guy) and Josie the best dressed. Meanwhile, Ben and Mario are flirting. OK, Mario seems to be flirting with Ben, but his lingering hand on Ben’s wrist didn’t get rejected. What is going on there?

The Tree of Temptation corners Mario again to give him a new task. He has to take a pair of scissors and cut up somebody’s cigarettes.

John James regales the housemates with sex talk about the number of women he’s had, and some of the wonderful romantic times he’s shared with them. He introduces the word ‘slamming’ to the British lexicon. And ‘bats’ = masturbation. Rachael grills him on everything from masturbation to oral sex. Steve seems to be enviously cynical, telling him he’s talking nonsense but seeming to enjoy the stories anyway.

Rachael admits to loving giving oral, but John says he prefers giving oral to women. Good lad.

In the bedroom, Sunshine talks about her granddad dying. Mario asks her why everybody around her is dead or dying. Which is kind of tactless, if you think about it. He makes things better by complimenting her jewellry and creativity. Dave interjects with a karmic lesson about how something will happen to redress the balance of all the negative stuff that’s happened to her. Sweet moment though, and Dave manages to use religion without necessarily ramming it down Sunshine’s throat.

Wash your hands…

There’s a massive kickoff about handwash – which starts when John James wants to move the handwash to the bedroom’s bathroom. Sunshine demands that he puts it back in its old location. However, it looks like the dippy medical student might have picked the wrong battle, because it results in numerous bitching sessions. Rachael, who didn’t like Sunshine much to begin with, gains allies in [[Josie Gibson|Josie]] and [[Govan Zachariah Hinds|Govan]] in disliking her.

I think Sunshine will need to learn to pick her fights. On one hand, she wants to believe that she’s a positive force by sticking glitter everywhere and changing her name (see that earlier conversation with Dave), but on the other hand, she manages to piss people off with little or no effort. That’s why I think she’s the tiniest bit fake. But I’m not sure she realises it herself…


Mario implements his task to steal and destroy a packet of cigarettes. Watching him slink up to Josie and steal a packet of fags is a masterclass in petty theft. Sunshine almost catches him out when she asks why he went into the mole hole. He covers himself brilliantly, saying he was keeping an eye on the ants in his room. And then it turns out there really are ants in the room!

She’s not entirely convinced, but leaves him alone for the time being. He takes the opportunity to slice up the cigarettes and leaves them in the bathroom. Aren’t people going to ask questions about how often he brushes his teeth though? He’s in the bathroom every five minutes!

Shabby has some bizarro scheme to swap or twist things. It doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. Anyone want to help me out?

OK, they wait until bedtime and go into action. Is it a coincidence that Caoimhe hums the Mission Impossible theme tune when Mario’s task is called the Impossible Task? Hmmm. Ife, Shabby and Caoimhe do the dirty work while Rachael stands guard. What do they do? They chuck the tinned goods into the pool and write the word ‘twist’ using the vegetables.

And that’s it. Apart from the preview for Day 4’s Big Brother, which makes it look like Mario’s on the verge of being found out. Anyone feel sorry for the housemates who aren’t Mario? They’re not getting nearly as much screen time.

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  1. Trudy

    Thanks for the update, missed BB yesterday and didn’t get to see highlights either so feel as if I have caught up now. I am loving Mario and hope he will be as funny when he is not acting as the mole.

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