Big Brother 2010 – Day 4, The Update

Hi everybody! Ready for another Big Brother highlights show? Me too! I’ll be covering it live, updating this post every advert break. Leave your own comments as usual and I’ll hopefully get a chance to join in the discussion!

But first: Have you played our Big Brother Facebook game yet?

Let’s go…[[Mario Mugan|Mario]] is chatted up by the Tree of Temptation again. This time, he’s given an earpiece so that the Tree can feed information to him during a quiz Big Brother will have the next day.

[[Sunshine Martin|Sunshine]] discovers the vegetable enigma that [[Shabby Katchadourian|Shabby]], [[Ife Kuku|Ife]] and [[Caoimhe Guilfoyle|Caoimhe]] left yesterday. She takes it for granted that it was left by Big Brother.

Speaking of that wicked threesome, they discover the broken cigarettes in the bathroom…finally. Rachael is fuming, pun definitelty intended.

Caoimhe bitches to [[John James Parton|John James]] about [[Steve Gill|Steve]]’s snoring. And Josie, Govan and Nathan are in bed together being giddy and singing songs. [[Ben Duncan|Ben]] blows all speculation about him and Mario out of the water by saying that he likes Rachael. Oooh-er!

Housemate mastermind

The quiz commences, with the Tree giving Mario the answers. We find out that [[Dave Vaughan|Dave]] looked after chickens, and [[Nathan Dunn|Nathan]] drank champaigne from a stillettoe once. He pretends to be upset when they accuse him of having an earpiece in. Caoimhe comforts him!

Cleverly, he throws the next answer, holding up a Steve card instead of John James – who believes that an anti-ageing light staves off wrinkles. But he gets the next one right and eventually wins the quiz. He gets a reward – a party to be held in his honour! He gets to choose the theme of the party…except the Tree tells him what to choose.

To make it even worse, he has to nominate a housemate who won’t be at the party. He chooses John James, who is given the role of caterer instead. He doesn’t look happy about it either.

Sunshine talks to Big Brother…and offers to become the mole instead of Mario. That’s an interesting offer. Does she want to know what Mario’s secret is, or does she want the extra exposure? Big Bro turns her down anyway.

Partay Time!

In the bedroom, John James is bitching about Rachael, saying “she wouldn’t give you a pot to piss in”. He thinks some of the girls are scmoozing up to Mario because as the mole, he’s the focus of the show right now. That’s some astute thinking from the Aussie.

The rest of the hosuemates are invited to the task room to dress in grass skirts and boogie in a Hawaii themed setting. While they relax, John James starts his catering job – and he’s not happy. He has to make all the food from scratch, and he clearly hasn’t got a clue.

John James takes a swipe at Big Brother in the Diary Room for giving him the catering. Meanwhile, the Tree tells Mario to crawl through a vent into the living room and destroy everything in the kitchen. This is gold. He smwears pizza on the patio window, throws stuff around, wrecks the table and puts a pizza in the shower. Big Brother continues to distract John James in the Diary Room. This is brilliant.

Moley makes a quick escape through the secret tunnel. John James returns to the house and discovers the destruction of the kitchen. He goes straight to the task room and tells the others. To be fair, the other housemates think it’s hilarious. Corin says she ain’t bovvered. Steve points the finger at Mario for being in the bathroom for a long time. But Ife tells Steve that if he is involved, it might be for a task that could help them. That girl is switched on. Rachael and Sunshine discover the vent in the bathroom and race to investigate.

Mario gets tough with Sunshine: “Sunshine. I like you but I’m getting sick of you accusing me all the time.”

Big Bro brings the housemates into the garden and tells them that there’s a mole living among them. They have to write down the name of the person they think is the mole. Knowing that Mario may well be the mole, most of the housemates nominate Sunshine instead. She takes it like the poor sport she is. She looks genuinely distressed. Guess who’s going to be the first housemate nominated?

I think we all cheered when Mario was told he was an official housemate now. He gets to sleep in the bedroom and ditch the mole costume! The housemates should put Sunshine into the mole hole now.

Sunshine’s still gurning in the bedroom. She’s deduced that people might have nominated her because she’s a bit of a pain. Shabby tells her that she didn’t know who it was, and [[Govan Zachariah Hinds|Govan]] apologises for having nominated her. She doesn’t let it go, even when Govan goes to great lengths to reassure her. And she cries. And cries.

Can I start the first chant of the series? Get Sunshine Out. Get Sunshine Out.

How does this end? Well, Govan doesn’t say anything to Sunshine, but he later confides in Shabby that he’s none too happy with Sunshine. He seemed to feel the weeping was a sympathy act for the viewers, and finished off by suggesting that she was at the center of all the conflict in the house so far. I agree.

Get Sunshine Out.

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  1. Trudy

    I feel so sorry for Mario he really doesn’t like having to set housemates up. I am loving the speaking drawer even more though especially when the voice has a go at him, I don’t know how Mario doesn’t give it away by grinning when the voice is talking to him.


  2. Trudy

    It hasn’t taken long has it for the bitching to begin, the talking behind backs is starting. I must say though that I am surprised that it is the boys that have started it first, looks like this year the girls will have competition for back stabbing.

    Well who do you think will do the most back stabbing and bitching – will it be the boys or the girls?

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I think that as guys, a bit of bitching doesn’t mean much to start with. Though I think John James has a point about Rachael.

      And Mario is really struggling with this task, which I think is brilliant. I can’t actually tell if those tears were genuine or if they were put on for sympathy. He’s good at deceit.

      1. Trudy

        That is what I think will be interesting, will Mario change when he is not the mole. Is he truly deceitful or is he just desparate to win his tasks to gain a place as a proper housemate. What will the housemates say when they find out he has been doing all the damage will they then become distrustful of him.

  3. Trudy

    Will they blame John for doing this himself. Mole was in the loo and they know none of them left the party so who else could have done it lol.

    BB you are being very clever

  4. Trudy

    Mario is now a fully fledged housemate and can be himself, I hope he stays fun.  One good thing is that we should get to see more of the other housemates now and be able to get to know them more.

    Didn’t sunshine get annoyed when a lot of them picked her as the mole, bet she takes a dislike to Mario.

    I hope BB has more tricks up their sleeve I like it when they are devious.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      You know what? This mole task has really drawn me in. I hope they can come up with something to keep us all engrossed.

      On the topic of Sunshine…I think she wants to be the center of attention, but she’s going about it the wrong way. She doesn’t seem to be part of the girlie clique that includes Ife, Rachael, Shabby and Caoimhe. She hasn’t particularly gelled with the guys. If she doesn’t watch herself, she’s going to receive a stack of nominations on her first go.

      Has she ever watched this show before?

  5. Gerard McGarry

    I thought Sunshine was going to be a fun character, but she takes herself far too seriously. She doesn’t seem to be making many friends in the house, and I wonder why they chose her to nominate instead of Mario?

    What do you think of her, Trudy?

  6. Trudy

    Sunshine is acting like a complete arsehole, they had to pick someone and most for picking people they didn’t think it was so no-one was evicted.

    Sunshine thought it was Mario and she still voted for him so that means she was willing for him to be evicted, so why is she getting annoyed that people voted for her and she may have been evicted. She didn’t vote for someone she didn’t think was the mole to save Mario, very two faced.

    Gerard I do not like Sunshine especially after tonight. She seems fake, I did not like all the performance she made over the shopping list and wanting her own money because she was a vegan she can eat pasta, rice etc. I do not trust the girl and I think if you cross her she will not forget and be revengeful so a lot of housemates will now be in her bad books.

  7. Gerard McGarry

    The problem with the Mario task is that it’s made him at the forefront of our minds. Over the next few days, some of the other housemates might start getting some decent screen time. We haven’t seen much of Govan, Josie, Corin or Steve yet. I want to know more about them.

    No particular divides within the groups just yet, but I can see some friendships springing up among the housemates.

    1. Trudy

      We need BB to now give time to the other housemates so that we can get to know them as well.  They also need to keep the viewers interest with activities as well.

      Looking forward to finding out about the other housemates so I can decide who I like or don’t like.

  8. slaneyvalley

    I really loved the mole task and the way the ‘Drawer of Temptation’ spoke to him, like ‘put the earpiece in your lughole’ and ‘you better get this right moley.’ This bossy boots (temptation tree or drawer) loves to throw his weight about. But tonights show did not show Mario telling the other HMs about the ‘Tree of Temptation’ before they had to decide who the mole was (this was shown on LiveFeed) and the reality is that Marion actually broke the agreement made between him and the Tree. So, in affect, Mario should have being evicted from the house according to the rules stated when he took on the role of Mole.

    The males indeed are proving to be the loudpieces at backstabbing and the main accolade should he handed to Govan. I am beginning to dislike him. On todays LiveFeed he talked about Steve behind his back saying that he didn’t trust him etc. Hopefully this will be shown tomorrow night. Sunshine reminds me a little of Bea last year with her crocodile tears and if up for eviction could be coming out to a very large chorous of Boos. I haven’t taken too much to Shimmy (or Shammy) as she is proving to be another Kitten from BB5. But otherwise I am enjoying the series so far this year.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Oooh, are you getting the live feed? Fancy writing the occassional blog post here if anything interesting happens, Slaney? It’s be great to get the odd scoop from during the day – and that point you made about Mario breaking the rules of his task would’ve been a great example.

      Would you be up for it?

  9. BBUKFaninNY

    Slane was incorrect.

    Mario revealed that the tree had been talking to him, AFTER he was allowed to ‘stay’, when everything came pouring out, the relief of being able to talk after four days of secret tasks. he said the tree was located in the bathroom. big, big mistake. he’ll probably get punished for it.


    Gerard you should watch some BBLB, if you dont get live feed. there’s lots of inside information there.


    I watch the live feed most of the day (for free, I live in NY and found pirate sites) and there’s so much there that you dont get to see. John James is hilarious, Mario is totally stalking Ben, Dave is very touchy feely as well. IF you cant watch BBLB at least check out the channel4 web site daily, there’s some nuggets of unaired news there as well.


    I love your blog posts, keep them coming.

    1. slaneyvalley

      I stand corrected BBUKFaninNY, you are right, it was after Mario was exposed as the real mole that he revealed the ‘Tree of Temptation,’ I thought it was before. Nevertheless I was surprised that BB did not show this on last nights highlights show. It is pretty cool that someone from the States is able to keeps us up to date here in UK about our own BB, lol. Keep up the good work and keep us posted. Mario is indeed stalking Ben and I’m finding it a bit cringy to watch.

      Unfortunately I don’t watch LiveFeed a lot Gerard (just happen to do so on Saturday and yesterday – with the weather being miserable and having problems updating my blog, there wasn’t a lot else to do), but when I do and if I think there is anything interesting worth writing about I would be very happy to update us here.

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