Big Brother 2010: Govan Zachariah Hinds gets evicted

Alright Davina, let’s get to the point. We’ve watched an hour’s worth of rather dull highlights. And we’ve seen who’s safe – Mario the Molester has been spared already, and the love of his Drunken Lord has saved Dicky Dave from a swift eviction. It’s down to Ben versus Govan. Who’s getting evicted?

Govan. [[Govan Zachariah Hinds]] is the second housemate to be eliminated from this year’s Big Brother. I’m a bit disappointed, I was hoping it would be Ben.

I would kick myself for not voting, but Davina reveals that Govan got 72% of the public vote tonight. Which means my paltry vote wouldn’t have counted for much.

As for Govan – he went to the Diary Room earlier this week to request to go home. Well, be careful what you wish for Govan! And now, he’ll have to head home to the bosom of that judgemental black community he moaned about to Corin.

Govan doesn’t have much to say for himself when he comes out. He talks about the conversation with Corin, where he broke down and talked about perception of him in the outside world. He says he was worried about his family and his little brother being mocked because of things he might reveal in the house.

He’s more than a little perturbed when Davina shows him a montage of shots of him either bitching, or the housemates complaining about his strategy to cause trouble. Bizarrely, Govan seems surprised at himself. Or maybe he’s surprised that he was caught on. You know, in that house with the bazillions of TV cameras 24/7.

On a personal level, I’m just annoyed that Ben gets to stay another week. And with so many housemates I personally dislike up for nomination, I expected the vote to be a bit more evenly split. But 72% of the public vote is a bit of a landslide. Sorry, Govan, but you’re fired.

Oops. Wrong show.

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  1. Rosie-Lee

    I am not Ben’s biggest fan, but I wanted to see the back of Govan.  Now we can hopefully have some good old upfront bits of squabbling more often, rather than Govan’s malicious pot-stirring.  I wonder if he is like that on the outside and has few real friends.  He was truly odious, and yep I bet he was surprised (NOT!) when he saw those BB bits Davina showed him of his imitation of Iago.

    I think we will still have some interesting mileage out of Ben and Dave even if they are not particularly liked, but I think Shabby may have to fight hard to stay in.  I note that she figures high on various polls as the most disliked housemate.  If she gets a nomination that sticks, then I think she may be out.


    1. Gerard McGarry

      Shabby’s been incredibly lucky so far. I like her for being intelligent and forthright in her views. Yes, she’s sometimes volatile, but I think she’s got a great attitude otherwise. But I can totally see how the public will crucify her the minute they get the chance.

  2. slaneyvalley

    I don’t share your views on this one Gerard. I’m very glad that Ben got to stay and will hopefully stay even longer. I am so pleased Goven was evicted (the little s**tstirrer) but I would have been happy if Dave went also. I feel sorry for Ben and do feel that some of the other HMs are picking on him. Ben is clumsy with his words and fits the ‘Nice but Dim Chap’ very well.

    I’m not too keen on Mario with his touchy-touchy feely hands all over any available HM. Did you see the other night when he gave Nathan a massage and didn’t stop? I’m surprised Nathan didn’t turn on him (unless he enjoyed the massage of course). However I didn’t expect a whooping 72% of the vote. That is some percentage considering there were four up for eviction. But the right one went.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I didn’t like Govan either. Did you see his face when he got shown that montage of his backstabbing? And the fact that other housemates had worked him out? No wonder he cried!

      But Ben’s public enemy number one for me. I don’t think he’s the Hugh Grant fop he’d like everyone to believe. He’s got this weird dynamic with Mario and Dave that Big Mouth pastiched hilariously last night with their Top Gun spoof, Bum Chums. They’re all oddly touchy-feely, and for Ben to know that Mario’s got a crush on him and still allow him to be so physically intimate is a sign that he knows how it’ll play on the outside. And when that fight kicked off the other night, he asked Mario to go and stick up for him.

      All my instincts are screaming that something else is going on there. The guy’s worked in the media. Showbiz journalists know him (and dislike him), so he’s not as innocent as he pretends to be. I think he’s got a damn strong game plan.

      1. slaneyvalley

        You could be right about Ben but there is a mystery about him that intriques me. I had forgotten that he worked (maybe still does) in the media, in fact didn’t he say that he wrote articles on the Middle East, mainly Palistine? He is entertaining if nothing else. One person I’m finding very boring (and I never thought I’d say this) is Steve. I just don’t know what he has got to offer and I do hope he sparks up a bit, maybe he will.

        1. Gerard McGarry

          I’d hoped Steve would be more….something. Anything. When I first saw him, I felt intensely guilty because he lost those legs in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. I knew there’d be an interesting story in all of that at the very least, but he’s had minimal screen time so far. I was certainly hoping he’d be more outspoken and regimented, but I guess that was hyperbole on his part when he went in.

          I’d love him to hit out at a few of the whipper-snappers who’re bitching all day long. What I’d really like is for Big Brother to create a house leader position to let someone rule for a week at a time. I think he’d excel at that and it would bring himself out a bit more.

  3. slaneyvalley

    Excellent idea Gerard if BB would make someone a leader for a week. Something similiar to a ‘Head of House’ that they had a few years ago. Steve would excel at this and I don’t think he would take any nonsense given his regimental background. I think we saw a little glimpse of what he is made of in the ‘Backward’ task, where Steve got a littl irate with Ben. But until BB creates something for Steve to really get involved in I don’t think the viewers will take to him. And I’m not even sure his fellow HMs will nominate him, either because they might have a guilt trip because of his disability or they will be more intent on getting others (who annoy them) out.

  4. Trudy

    Yes, Govan was the chosen one this week and it made me so happy, however I was really surprised that he got 72% of the vote that as a lot between 4 of them would love to know the percentage of the other 3.

    Govan reminded me of the evil Adele in BB3 though it took the housemates many, many weeks so suss out she was back stabbing and s**t stirring behind their backs.

    How can they forget so quickly that everything they do is caught on camera, Govan really seemed shocked when Davina showed the footage and why were the other housemates so shocked it was him.

    I don’t really dislike Ben at this stage haven’t worked him out yet but you could be right Gerard and he is up to something maybe he is BB’s mole lol.

    I cannot stand Dave and would like him out next as he is so fake, surely he is not really a man of the cloth?

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