Big Brother 2010 Housemates – Of different abilities…

Looking around the Big Brother hopefuls the other day, one thing was clear: there are a handful of notables who have different disabilities. The Big Brother live Twitter feed tweeted this evening that there are full disabled facilities in the house this year.

Now, that’s not any guarantee that a disabled person will be in the house this year, but certainly it was a theme at the press day yesterday.


When she’s not pulling wacky faces for the camera, 19 year old Jenna is a media student. Hailing from Wales, she claims to have met her fiance on the Internet. She has a rare condition where her arms and hands haven’t grown properly.

Steve Gill

Steve was serving as a soldier in Northern Ireland when an IRA bomb blew off both his legs and caused him to lose an eye. Still, he’s a massive big guy, and not shy about talking about his horrific injuries. What you can’t see in this pic is that he also suffered major damage to his upper right arm, which was reconstructed, but still bears horrible scarring.

Still, it hasn’t stopped him, and he’s a father of eight, as well as spending loads of time working with other soldiers who’ve suffered similar injuries in action.


Leanne is a 29 year old author from London. She’s a bubbly lass, despite losing most of her left leg to cancer. She gets around on crutches these days, and came across well in our interviews. I reckon it may be Leanne or Steve above who gets through tonight – if anybody from this particular list does.


Amin is a dancer slash actor from Middlesex who works in a London club. He claims to be the first dwarf to take part in Big Brother, then he starts to split hairs when we bring up Verne Troyer. Oops. Not first!

However, for tabloid purposes, we are to refer to him as an Iranian Dwarf. I don’t think he’ll get into the house.

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