Big Brother 2010 Housemates – The Lookalikes Round

Three of the [[Big Brother 2010 (Series 11)|Big Brother]] housemates Unreality Shout met with yesterday were dead ringers for celebrities we all know and love. Well, two of them we love.

As you can see from above, we have a Tango-coloured Katie Price lookalike, a burly black guy with a beard and one helluva hot Beyonce Knowles lookalike. I know it doesn’t look like it, but the black guy had a fantastic Mr T haircut on the day. Disappointingly, despite claiming to be a millionaire property developer, he wasn’t rocking nearly enough bling to convince us he was Mr T.

Let me tell you about these three…


She’s a dead ringer for Katie Price, except for the jumbo-sized hooters that Price thinks are sexy. But staring you in the face are those high-arched eyebrows, an unusually orange colouring and that Croydon facelift.

In real life, Corin’s a widow. Her husband died after 4 months of marriage. When we spoke to her, she didn’t understand why we made such a big deal about the Katie Price likeness. “I’m nothing like her…” she said. We think she meant on the inside. Nevertheless, you should have seen the glares some of the *cough* more alternative (read: weird goth types) housemates were giving her.

Mr Terry

You almost have to close your eyes, imagine the muscle-top and the chest gleaming with a thousand Half Price Jewellers’ medallions. But trust me, this dude looked like BA Baracus the other day – right down to the mohawk.

But when he’s not welding together wheelbarrows in his shed to make rudimentary tanks to escape capture, Terry is quite the property wheeler-dealer. He happily boasts to us about his property ‘millions’. What else you wanna know? He’s 45, from Bolton and he’s playing the bisexual card (along with about 70% of the other candidates).


I’ll admit that the name Rachel isn’t quite as exotic as Beyonce, but believe me, I’ve saved the best for last. This girl in the flesh is every bit as radiant as Ms Knowles. I had to roll my tongue up and pop it back in my mouth.

She actually works as a professional Beyonce impersonator at corporate events. Imagine the money you could command by pretending to be the real Beyonce? Awesome. Rachel is a tender 23 years old and hails from Nottingham. Lucky, lucky Nottingham.

There ya go – three potential celebrity lookalike housemates! Who’d you like to see going into the Big brother house this year?

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