Big Brother 2010: Josie Gibson wins the final ever Big Brother!

Josie Gibson is the winner of Big Brother 2010, the last series of the Channel 4 show in the UK. Shocker, not! We’ve all been expecting Josie to win this, being quite a prominent housemate and the only girl left in the house at the final. Stunningly, Josie won with an amazing 77% of the public vote.

Josie came up the stairs breathing into a paper bag and wearing a frankly unflattering maxi dress. When she faced the eviction night audience, she quickly become completely incoherent, screaming and waving at someone in the audience.

Davina McCall kicks right off by grilling Josie about her passion for John James Parton. He doesn’t react terribly well when they’re talking about him. Let’s just say that he doesn’t look appropriately pleased to see her. In a montage of footage of the couple, Josie says ‘dry humping’ about 20 times and constantly refers to him as “super ‘andsome”.

Wasn’t too keen on Davina’s rhetoric about Josie being beautiful inside and out. She’s stoking up a romance, and I’m not convinced that John James is genuinely interested. She tells Josie that John James has admitted that he loves her as a girlfriend and then in the same breath reminds Josie that she’s worth £100,000.

Sample Josie quote: “You know whenever I’m feeling a bit low, I think about that woman who got her face ripped off by a chimpanzee.” Yes, she’s really that blunt. I know some people don’t like her, but she seems like quite a genuine girl, and I really do love that Bristol accent. And, as I said earlier today, in the absence of Corin, Josie would be my chosen winner.

Following on from their interview, Davina asks Josie if she’s ready to go on to Ultimate Big Brother. And Josie…says yes. Those magazine deals will have to go on the back burner, John James.

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    1. Gerard McGarry

      Didn’t know you were watching, but no surprises at Corin being your favourite! Corin’s awesome – I’ve worked with dippy girls like her before, just great fun.

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